August 17, 2010


So this is what it feels like to be home.


So heavenly that I've forgotten all about blogging and internet. When I whined about my outdated site and my lack of enthusiasm in blogging, my sister imitated my voice and said "Oh! I got my life back!" She's right. I did feel that way. It's not like I go partying everyday but I just have so much to do here - Catching up with friends, dating with hubby, visiting grandma, collecting data and just spending time with my family.

That explains my three-week absence in the blogsphere. There was no urge to write whatsoever. Having said that, I do feel a tad guilty for not writing. It's not a pleasant feeling cos the guilt gnaws at my gut and it tells me: your blog is so bangas! Out of  guilt, I've decided to end my blogging drought by talking about stuff that happened over the last couple of weeks.

The journey from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur

The long journey was surprisingly pleasant and since the flight was not full, there were heaps and heaps of vacant seats on board. Alden had a lot of fun exploring the aircraft and trying out all the seats at the back. It was probably the happiest day of his life. The flight attendants were fantastic.  They requested that I write a review for them and this is what I wrote.

Dear Air Asia,

My family and I were traveling from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur on flight D72725. The journey was nothing short of perfect as we had the good fortune to be served by the most helpful crew on board. It wasn't easy traveling with a four year old, inquisitive little boy who always have something up his sleeve but these cabin crews; Paramjit, Iskandar Shah, Rabiah and Siti Fatimah have made it possible for me to survive the eight-hour flight. They were very sensitive to my needs and absolutely efficient in their services. They even helped me with the baby-sitting! The kind hospitality shown by these crew members have definitely left a lasting impression on me. All AA's flight attendants should portray the same image wherever they go.

Meeting Mimi in KL

I had my first meet-up with the lovely Mimi Ahmad at Nando's Chicken, Sungai Wang. We spent hours talking about everything under the sun and it was just amazing how at ease I felt in her company. It was as if we had known each other for years. As I have anticipated, Alden too warmed up to her in seconds and tried all sorts of tactics to get her attention. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Back at Home

My MUST EAT list was accomplished in the first week. From bambangan to ngiu chap to cendol to durian. You name it, I had it. I must have eaten too much durians cos I lost my voice shortly after my makan feast. That was last week. Point is, food has become one of the main priorities in our holiday. End of story.

Meeting Chegu Carol in KK

Hubby and I met Chegu and her husband Alvin at Upper Star Lintas last Sunday. I was quite excited  about the meet-up cos I've been following their blogs for quite some time now. The moment I got there, Chegu stood up and gave  me a hug. From then on we just hit it off. We spent hours chatting about stuff - the weather, football, Western culture, hotel staff meals, photography, why people dine at Upper Star and  most memorable dating moments. It was awesome. Hubby and Chegu are second cousins (I think) so this made it easier for us to bond. I can't wait for the next meet up :)

I can't believe we've been home for two weeks already. I guess time really flies when you're having a blast.