August 16, 2009

Walking on air

This is going to be a very short post. As short as one paragraph and probably less than 150 words. I don't even know why I mentioned that...I guess years of teaching essay writing in class has conditioned me to think about paragraphs, topic sentences, word limit etc when it comes to writing. But anyway, this is NOT an essay, so I can blab about what I need to blab in one paragraph. The main idea of this post is: I WILL BE FLYING BACK TO KK NEXT YEAR!!!! YES, NEXT YEAR. 349 days from now :-D Thanks to CL who told me about the AIRASIA BIG SALE (God Bless Dato' Tony Fernandez!), I have managed to purchase a one-way ticket from Melbourne to KL at an unbelievable price. So here's the plan. We're flying from Christchurch to Melbourne, Melbourne to KL and finally KL to KK. Home sweet home...ahhhh...Can you imagine how ecstatic I am? I don't think so. I have been high in cloud nine for the last 24 hours, thinking about my balik kampung trip next year. Thank you CL, thank you AIRASIA. Now, everyone in the family can fly - and that's my closure for this short paragraph of a post!


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Caroline said...

Yeah! you're going KL! hahaha.. untuk shopping sebelum balik ba kan? you need therapy after only going Farmer's for a year.. heheheheh.. kidding.. just kidding!

Lourdes said...

Wow what a perancangan strategik, good liz, we suppose to think that way. Always look forward.