February 11, 2010

The Challenge Continues

My second workout session on Wednesday was BAT - a buttocks-abdominal-thigh workout. I wasn't sure it was wise to put my BATs for another torture after such a grueling session on Tuesday, but being the desperate girl that I am, I dragged myself to the centre.

I rushed to this BAT class just in the nick of time. The class was full and everyone seemed to have come early cos they all had a yoga mat and training weights ready. I quickly went to the storage room to get a mat and a pair of hand weights before heading back to the gym. Lucky for me, there was a perfect spot next to this cute, 50-ish aunty. I quickly settled in. At this stage any form of motivation is good. You see, sitting next to a 50 year-old during a push-up routine not only lessens the pressure to do well but it also makes you feel good to see someone else's arms (apart from yours) shake uncontrollably.

Anyway gym partners aside, the class itself was interesting. This time, the range of students was wide: middle-aged ladies, teenagers, 20-somethings and 30-somethings. Oh, there was also this one petite aunty whom I recognised from the first class. Last Tuesday she was wearing a red-stripey singlet and a faded jean shorts.  Today? Red-stripey singlet and a faded jean shorts too! Nothing wrong with that but wearing the same outfit in a 3-day span? Isn't that erm...intriguing? I scanned her outfit more intently and wondered whether they had been washed.  I wondered whether she smelt bad and whether she wore any perfume to camouflage the odour. As these crucial thoughts were running through my head, the instructor suddenly broke the silence and began the workout. I looked away from petite aunty and focused on the first routine. 

We began with a warm-up — low-paced, easy and fun. Then she continued with heaps and heaps of leg training routines - leg curls, squats, lunges and calf exercise. The routines themselves weren't that hard, but the repetition was a killer! Leg cramps started to set in and my thigh and calves started to ache but I told myself, "if aunty can do it so can you". After the leg training exercise, it was time for some serious resistence training, which was HARD. So hard that I wanted to tell the instructor "ENOUGH ALREADY! I just had a c-section 7 months ago and if I continue doing these crunches, the stitches might just pop off!". Despite my disgruntledment, I managed to do hundreds and hundreds of tummy crunches, sit ups and leg lifts. Well, I'm not entirely sure how many exactly cos I stopped counting after 5. Aaaa-nyway, we finally came to the last routine which was a lot like yoga. The instructor had us stretching, twisting and bending in so many ways I had never tried before. Five minutes of contortioning and then it was over. 

Today I woke up with a dull ache in my legs, thighs and butt - a reminder of the torture I underwent yesterday. I wonder if there's a little, magic pill that I  could take to get in shape. If there is, I would take it in a heart beat. Then, I would never need to worry about tummy crunches or sit ups or leg curls or any of those  BAT workouts for the rest of my life.

*Note: I started writing this entry in the morning but was interrupted by my colleague. I then accidentally hit the PUBLISH POST button before it was completed. This explains why you might have the incomplete version in your Google reader :)


chegu carol said...

Buttock workout? I so want that...mau kasi perky sikit lagi my buttock hehehe...

Currently, I have once a week futsal game just so my body has its fair share of exercise. Syiok rasa sudah habis workout. Itu peluh keluar macam rasa sihat terus. Hehehe

Lizeewong said...

You don't need it la Kay...Cukup perky suda tu in your hot bikini :D

Once a week futsal pun enough for you cos you're already slimmmmmm :)