January 13, 2009

No such thing as luck

When I was 19, a friend of mine who studied the art of palmistry read my palm and told me that I was very lucky. She said I always had luck by my side and that whenever I’m in a dire situation, there would always be someone to ‘save’ me. This ‘saviour’ of mine, she said, could be anyone; a friend, a relative or even a stranger.

At that time, it gave me such delight to suddenly discover that I was lucky. She also prophesied my future, saying that I would have a change of career path in my early twenties and I’d get married at the age of 26 and have four kids! The latter prediction gave me the creeps coz I sure didn’t want four kids at that time! So anyway, years gone by and somehow what my friend predicted came true. Sure indeed, after two years of teaching in a suburban high school, I resigned and joined University X.

A few years later, I got engaged and finally got married at the age of 26. Coincidence? Perhaps. Well, coincidence or not, I had become a true believer of luck. I foolishly and wholeheartedly believed that the many blessings that came my way were due to my own good luck.

Last June, I felt even luckier when I got an offer to study in Christchurch. I knew my good friend’s sister is residing in the very same city and it meant that I had someone to rely on. She somehow got the news that I was coming and welcomed me to stay at her place until I get myself settled. This reinforced my belief that I was indeed lucky and she was the ‘saviour’ my friend was talking about. I was always thinking that since luck was always on my side, nothing could go wrong.

As fate would have it, something did go wrong on 1st November 2008, my first day in New Zealand. On that earth-shattering day, I lost one luggage which contained my study materials, important documents from my sponsors, my husband’s academic certs (original copies including his degree certificate), my camera, sunglasses, brand new watch, sport shoes, mp3 player (which was my birthday present), my diary and my son’s clothes. The lost tore me apart knowing that all our important documents could never be retrieved.

Until today, Air New Zealand a.k.a. "the lousiest airline company in NZ" has not been able to locate the missing luggage and I've stopped hoping. Luck ran out on me I guess.

Today, I no longer believe in luck. I’m relying on someone who has never let me down. Someone who has been protecting me all this while and guiding me to the right path, answering my prayers and giving me hope when everything else seems hopeless.

I guess, the luggage incident happened for a reason; to put some sense into my foolish mind and to tell me that you can't count on luck. It opened my eyes so I could see the ‘real’ Saviour who has been carrying me.

“The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my Saviour;thou savest me from violence" (2 Samuel 22:3)


debrajill said...

even sooo..YOu SO LUCKY kak!!hehe..to realise that God is their savior some people have to go through worse i guess.like me.hahaha..yerrrr give me some of your luck!! hehe..i never believe that someone can be so lucky until i met you kak~ you must be very bless cause God bless you to be what you are right now~ Lots Of Love froM all of us~!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks deb...You are also very blessed to have such an adorable baby like big eyes. She's an angel :) Lots of love from the four of us..wink wink..One is still in the oven..hehe...