January 27, 2009

Post-Chinese New Year

Today is the second day of CNY and the air of the celebration has totally faded. It's not like I was super-excited on the first day anyway. Hubby and I didn't do anything special on CNY as it felt like another gloomy Monday morning.I even went to campus to attend a writing course and meet my supervisor for an hour. Boring, boring, boring. 

The only thing that cheered us was the long online-one-sided-video-conference we had with our loved ones who were back at home. It was one-sided because we couldn't see their faces but they could see ours. Sis was using Celcom broadband and the reception was really bad that day (It was driving her up the walls!)...Nevertheless, the online chat was the highlight of the day as everyone at home were crowding over my sis and her laptop just to get a glimpse of our faces. We felt like online-celebrities that day :-) Hubby's parents had a good view of our crib and were so delighted to finally see our healthy, chubby faces. One comment from my father-in-law bothered me though. He said we all looked FAT *%#@? Ouch! Well, at least I have a reason for the extra weight gain. I'm now in my 4th month (going to be 5 months in a week's time) and I have every reason to gain some extra pounds. Someone needs to tell him that.

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