September 26, 2009

Goofy Saturday

I woke up this morning with the words BIRTHDAY- AMIR - MCDONALDS – PRESENT - flashing in my head. They lingered in my brain, like flickers of words in a digital signage. It was really annoying cause I couldn't make it stop - the whole flashing thingy. After a few seconds of grogginess, I shook my head and somehow managed to decipher the word puzzle. It simply meant: NEED TO ATTEND BIRTHDAY PARTY AT MCDONALDS, AT 10.30 AM – GET A PRESENT FOR AMIR’S SON (Btw, Amir is my office mate).

So it was already 9.15 a.m. and I was the only one up. Hubby and the kids were still in slumberland, snoring away in oblivion. Ahhh...with a heavy heart, I woke them up hesitantly and started getting ready. We showered, dressed, packed baby bag and Alden’s toys, put baby in the capsule and got in the car. Phew! Getting ready with two little people is like going on a packing marathon.

Now where was I? Right. To McDonalds. We still needed to get a present for Sina (Amir’s son) so we headed to Westfield Riccarton. I bought him a Lego-like construction set which was on-sale and wrapped it up in the car. Can you imagine how very kelam kabut I was? Well anyway, we were finally ready to attend the birthday party and I was all excited and smiling. We went into a very crowded McDonalds and headed straight to the function room, where the party was held.

Amir and his wife welcomed us cheerfully and got Alden a chair. It was obvious that the party was meant for kids and kids alone. All the parents were standing up, watching their little tots sit together, having their own little happy meals. A really cute sight! Alden was a bit uncomfortable with the crowd because most of the kids were bigger than his usual 3-year-old acquaintances in Pre School. But after awhile, he was okay. Alva was in her own baby world, happy and contented.

 *Now I’ll switch to BM coz takut nanti tu kawan sia terbaca ni blog.

Dukacitanya, kami semua tiada makan breakfast jadi kelaparan gila la kami (kecuali Alden and Vava). Ibu bapa nda kena kasi makan. Kena suruh datang bawa anak saja, tapi I wasn't aware of this. Kena kasi sedia kupi 3 in 1 sama air panas and biskut dlm tin bulat saja. Doi dogo. Style layan diri la ba ni. Mcm dua org saja parents pi minum tu kupi habis kena letak di saaaaaaaaaaana pelusuk ba, susa mau ambi. Semua pun mcm kelaparan and nda sabar mau pulang habis mau dekat lunch time suda and org datang dari 10 am lagi. Lain kan???? Kami expect mcm birthday party McDonald di KK la, ada makan for ibu bapa. I mean, normal la ba tu kan? Culture shock juga, tapi nda apala, kami tahan lapar ja. Kalau kami order something, nanti awkward juga tu situation coz kami suda masuk tu function room and susa mau keluar. So after 1 jam, kami said bye bye, Alden dapat party pack and then kami tapuk tapuk pi tapau McDonald. Kami beli yg sana Drive Thru. Hehe. 

So we were home and we had our own little feast. Hubby and I talked about the party and the cake and how awkward Alden behaved. He didn't enjoy himself at the party. That was obvious. I knew he wanted to join the other kids, but was too tensed to do so. But it’s okay. At home, in his comfort zone, he sort of relived the whole party scene and spent the whole day goofing around with his dad.

In reflection, today has been quite an interesting Saturday for me. I learned a thing or two about birthday parties and that is: to prepare early when attending one and never ever go with perut kosong :-)


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debrajill said...

hahaha~ baik saya tulis bm nnt kawan ko terbaca ba kan~ hahaa..memang ganjil ba kan~ kelaparan la ba kakak sama koko alex tu kan~ haha..btw..Alva its geetttingg super cute and AldeN TOO!! alalaa! and you look so slim sudah o kak~ nice~ post more k~~

jipp said...

LOL! That last remark. It applies to any function, even to weddings. you'd never know what time the makan time would be. My past experiences. hehe.