September 12, 2009

Punishment should fit the crime

Remember my elaborate entry about my lost parcel? The one with the sort-of happy ending? Well, this is a sequel to that. I received a letter from the NZ Ministry of Justice stating that the offender in my case has appeared in the Rangiora District Court and has been convicted and ordered to pay me a reparation of NZ$300.

NZ$300 ONLY. The parcel was worth AUD$300!

Naturally, I'm outraged. The thief should pay me double, get a few strokes of the cane and spend at least a year in prison. Now that's JUSTICE. What do you think?

Knowing that he doesn't have to suffer for what he did reeeaaaalllly SUCKS. Yesterday, as I thought about this, I came up with a very good plot to sabotage him. One filled with vengeance and revenge. You see, since I still have the spare key to the old house, I could do a lot of damage to David Gordon. I could duplicate the house keys, attach his address and place them at "strategic locations" around the city. Locations where boy racers and crime offenders hang out. Evil huh? What happens next? These boy racers will then invade his house (while he's out for a beer) taking all of his belongings including the sofa in the living room.  They take EVERYTHING. Can you picture that? He is now broken and penniless. As he sits alone on the floor of the now-empty house, he sobs "Why me? Why me?".  Out of nowhere, a Morgan Freeman-ish voice echoes "My dear David, this is what you get for stealing Alice Wong's parcel. Have you learnt your lesson now?" The little thief freezes in shock and involuntarily pees on his pants. Scared for his life, he then mutters "YES! YES! YES! I have learnt my lesson. I am soooooo sorry. I will never ever steal again". The End.  Well, that's just my idea of a sweet revenge.

Soooo, what do you think of the plot? I told hubby bout it and of course he didn't approve. Not that I'd do it if he did  ;-).  Anyway, just so you know, the reparation of $300 will be paid by installment in the sum of $45.00 a week. Downright ridiculous kan? By the time he finish paying, he would've forgotten all about it. I guess punishment doesn't always fit the crime. With that perspective in mind, I guess i'll have to settle for $45.00 a week. Hai....


Lois said...

Ish!! Buruk oh! Ada ka. Pay by instalment lagi tu

Lizeewong said...

ya ba cha...buruk oh the system.