January 7, 2010

Mount Cook

I was so excited to blog about Mount Cook when we came back on Saturday. The moment we got home, I took out my lappy and started blogging about our trip. Happily typing away with Alva on my lap. Half way in the writing process, exhaustion somehow got the better of me so I decided to continue the next day. Obviously that didn't happen.

Now four days have passed and I don't even feel like talking bout' Mount Cook anymore. However, I'm not doing justice to my blog if I don't cos I've mentioned in my previous post that I would. Right. So, Mount Cook,  how shall I describe thee?  Let's see, you're the tallest  mountain in NZ and you're 331km away from Christchurch. Okay, that sounded lame. Let's try again shall we? Right. Physical attributes. You are breathtakingly beautiful, cold, picturesque and you look a lot like Mount Kinabalu covered in snow. Everything about you is so wonderful and very Lord of the Ring-ish and because of that one can't help but stare at your awesomeness. One word sums it all. WOW. That's how I'd put it.

Here are the pictures :)




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