January 7, 2010

Being a Martian

As a teacher, I've encountered so many different types of students in class. The Einstein who is always holding a notebook and ahead of everybody. The Critic who watches  your every move and  notices your newly pedicured toes. The Quiet one who remains cool even though there's a natural disaster happening.  The Energizer who's always fired up about everything, from the lesson to the handouts to the homework, you name it. The Hippie who's laid back and couldn't care less about school. The CNN who knows everything about every other student. And finally, the Martian from outer space, confused by the world around her. I think at this moment, I belong in this category - lost and disoriented in my own little world.

Everything about my study is so confusing right now and it just frustrates me to no end. These past few days, I've been sitting at home, staring at this book entitled A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research, hoping for some kind of miracle to happen. Like having the ability to absorb information. The staring part is actually a way to motivate myself to open the book cos the thought of reading is just too daunting. I've tried it once and it was a nightmare I tell you! Statistics is a horrible horrible subject. Ahh..I wish I could have a tutor who looks like Rob Pattinson to guide me.
It's a good thing I met Yoda yesterday cos he gave me a  little nudge to get me going. He has this amazing ability to help me function systematically like a robot. The problem is, when I don't see him, I get disoriented again and I lose that focus. Now that he's away for three weeks, I have to struggle  independently. Why can't  I remember anything he said during our meeting? *garu kepala*. The notes I've written aren't helping either.

When he comes back, he expects to see a finished product and that's what freaking me out right now.
So. I am back to where I started - staring at buku statistics. Mulau is the word here. Before things get out of hand, I think I'll stop here. Otherwise, I'll start talking about Alden's poop and how it has affected my concentration. Nah, you wouldn't want that would you? Martian signing off :)


LaViaP said...

Hahaha, up until today, I'm The Quiet one. I to keep cool at all times.

JIPP said...

hehe. Everybody hates statistics.

Lizeewong said...

paival- yeah,I thought so...read ur post bout the size of your ego...hehehe

jipp-ya ba...sot oh this subject...makes you feel paralysed :(

Debra Golingai said...

oh... now i know...macam tu pula teachers categorize their students

Lizeewong said...

Ah Debs, it's just me. Not all the teachers out there. For fun ba :)