July 9, 2010

Driving on A Graveled Road

Last Tuesday when I met the manager, he told me that he'd email me a schedule for my data collection work on Wednesday. He was certain that it was going to be either Thursday or Friday and seeing how confident he was, I had my hopes up high.
As it turned out, there was no email from him on Wednesday. Not surprising at all but I was disappointed nonetheless. I didn't know what to do. Should I wait for his email or barge in his office like I did on Tuesday? It  finally dawned on me that where Mr W is concerned, getting an email could take from a day to three thousand years. So to speed things up, I decided to pop up in his office yesterday.

When he saw me he had this OMG expression that said "Oh I forgot!". It was as though he hadn't seen me for months and that it was natural for him to forget about my request. He was all apologetic and nice telling me how sorry he was for not talking to the tutors and failing to arrange a time for me to meet the students.  He simply FORGOT! Inside, I was broken to pieces but outside I was calm and aloof. I've got used to his patheticness. 

He took out a post-it note and wrote down "Must talk to Mr. M about Alice's research" in big clear fonts and then he pura pura stuck the paper on his computer. Yeah right. How old does he think I am? Twelve? It was as though he was telling me: "Look Alice. I'm writing it down here, in my MUST DO LIST. I'm going to stick it on my PC so I won't forget. SEE?"  He doesn't take me seriously at all.

If he had taken me seriously, I wouldn't be in this position right now. 

Today's a Friday and nothing's happening. No email and no news from him yet so that means everything is halted. This situation is somewhat similar to driving on a graveled kampung  road. You're  happily driving  to your grandma's house when suddenly out of nowhere a herd of karabaus  decide to do a catwalk on the road. You've got no choice but to brek mati and wait. In the process of waiting, you get to see these stupid karabaus poo on the road and before you know it, you are faced with piles and piles of dung. That's what karabaus like to do - give you shit when you least expect it. All you need to do is wait and  drive through the shitty road when they're done. 

That's what I'm doing right now. Wait for the shit to clear.

OMG! I suddenly have a revelation! Mr W is the Karabau! kannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn????????????

I guess waiting is the only option now. I'm not myself at the moment so please excuse this sulky, negative and uninspiring post. Happy Friday anyway.


Caroline said...

sorry to hear about your shitty situation.. all you have to do is to drive through the SHITTY road? err, you did leave out one part, after driving thru that shit, you gotta clean your tyres.. but let's not go into that.. how many mouths can one KARABAU feed? Satu kg buli kah? And a white one at that! Hehe.. cheer up mrs! Happy weekend.

Mimi said...

Alala... Mr W indeed is the karabau!! It's so frustrating how other people's action effecting our works kan? Kalau positively ok juga but it's always the opposite.. Hang on there Lizee.. the dungs are after all bio-degradable, let nature takes its course.. hehe.. ngam ka tu?

Iyuk said...

And happy Friday to you too

chegu carol said...

hahaha sampai terkeluar bio-degradable comment bah kan mi...
anyways, today's saturday and a weekend. put that shitty thought aside for this weekend and take it back again on Monday. I think, it's about time you jadi tukang sembelih kerbau. Not a good idea? Sorry...tu ja i can think of hehehe....

Amanda Christine Wong said...

free2 kena panggil karabau! LOL

Lizeewong said...

Carol - Ahhh..you're there are heaps of shit to clean! :P

Mimi- ngam ngam ngam...cannot do anything jg ni

Iyuk - thanks Deb :)

Kay- iya..bikin panas sj..bagus sa tgk world cup :)

manda - kan?? ni karabau hilang ingatan ba selalu..susa jg