October 27, 2010

Let the Blogging Begin

I am back in Christchurch and back to blogging. After a long absence it feels a bit awkward to start writing again. I think this is one of the hardest things for bloggers to do – writing that first draft that announces their return. I thought about this long and hard and I've decided  to pick up where I left off. 

Let's start with what I did in KK.

In the first week, I attended a Wild Wild West-themed party organised by my colleagues at work. I brought hubby along cos I figured he too needed a break. So we left the kids at home and went to the party all happy and excited, giggling like two teenagers who just got out of detention. The expression "I'm FREE! I'm FREE!" was written all over our faces.

That's me and Delia

Hubby having his moment

A week after that, my futsal friends organised a homecoming dinner at Krishna's. It was another great night of dining and chatting.

Then there was my meeting with Chegu Carol and her hubby. But I've blogged about this already.

The following weeks were then filled with data collection work, family time, weekend trips, data analysis,  paper work and a bit of shopping here and there. When I was doing my research, most of my time was spent with Octavia, one of my closest buddies at work. Oct is also a wonderful shopping companion cos she's literally a Becky Bloomwood. One in denial of course.   

Aside from work, I also spent some quality time with the kids and hubby. We went to Kundasang one weekend and spent the night there. I don't know whether it's just me, but I feel that Kundasang has gotten so much warmer now. In the past, day time was always cool and breezy but now you can feel the burning heat  even in the early morning. Another effect of climate change I guess.

In mid September, I attended a wedding dinner with my sister. I didn't even know the bride (Christine) but I tagged along cos I wanted to dress up and get out of the house.

A day after that, I attended a mini bloggers-gathering held at Sailor's Cafe. I met Annieming, The Wandering Sumandak, Shiela, the Jade sisters, Chegu, Mimi and her lovely sister. One of the things I was looking forward to was hearing their voices and seeing who they were. It's interesting  cos I think every blogger has his/ her own virtual blogging voice and it's always fun to predict or imagine how they really sound like in real life.

Lady bloggers

Towards the end of September, my data collection work was almost complete. I started spending less time at work and more time at home with the kids. My dad got tired of babysitting cos the duos were driving him nuts - throwing stuff into the toilet bowl, fighting with each other, playing with soap, eating peanut butter straight from the jar, shouting at the top of their lungs and being mischievous. It was chaotic.

On October 2, disaster struck. I woke up one morning to see this in the mirror.

The condition is called subconjunctival hemorrhage. It occurs when a tiny blood vessel breaks just underneath the clear surface of your eye (conjunctiva). You can read all about it here. It didn't hurt at all but it scared a lot of people - my dad included. I don't blame him. I looked like one of those bad vampires in Eclipse you know. Anyway, if you do get this, DO NOT PANIC and don't ever go to the P Polycinic in Dongongon cos an idiot who calls himself a doctor will tell you that it takes 2 - 3 months to heal. That's not all. He will also scare you to death by telling you the stain could be permanent and that some people never get rid of it. Like forever and ever. I had a major breakdown when I heard this and went home crying.

I later found out from my sister that the idiot was wrong. She googled "blood in the eye" and discovered these facts: 1.The condition is very common, 2. It takes about 14 days to heal and 3. It is completely harmless. Phew! I could breathe again. I should never have trusted the so-called doctor! If you see him, avoid him at all cost. He's on duty every Sunday afternoon, is plump, nerdy and is about 5' 7". I hope that helps. Going back to the eye. Well, knowing that it wasn't permanent cheered me up but it didn't change the fact that I looked like Jane from the Volturi. Having a vampire-ish eye caused a lot of inconveniences and social discomfort. People stared at me like I was Shrek and my colleagues kept asking me "Kenapa mata kau???!!!!!" with disgust etched all over their faces. Even Alden said I looked scary. But anyway, life went on and I soon got used to my red eye.

After completing my research work, I felt good about myself and decided to have a weekend getaway with my family. My parents weren't that thrilled but the kids absolutely enjoyed themselves.

In the same week, I had a girls' night out with Oct and Chegu. I still had the red eye then but I  managed to survive without lenses/ glasses. Was it a torture having to squint my eyes 90% of the time? You bet. Was it worth the effort? Yes.

Photos courtesy of Chegu Carol

On October 15, I organised a dinner gathering for my friends at the Sailor's. I didn't expect they would turn it into an advance birthday bash for me instead. It was a big surprise and I really appreciate the lovely gesture.

Add caption

On October 16, a day before I flew back to Christchurch, I attended Judy's wedding reception. It was a lovely wedding but I didn't get to take a photo with the bride. Too bad.

with my lovely sister Lois
The bride and groom

Debs, me, Alva, hubby, my brother and little Mita - photos courtesy of Caroline Lee :)

I left KK on October 17. It was sad leaving my family and friends but I kept telling myself "One more year to go and then it's home sweet home".

And that wraps up my post-holiday post.


Mimi said...

Wah! A good short summary of such a long trip.. hehehe...

Teruk juga the doctor di donggongon tu.. Tapi GP always like that.. They dont really know what they're talking about and all they want to do is sell their drugs.. Bo calls them legal drug pusher.

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

Adoiiii..gambar mata tu bah, scary! On the other hand, welcome back to blogging moi.. *hugs*

Octavia said...

*sigh* life in my room has gotten quiet again...no more gossips to be shared and less one shopping buddy *sigh*..one more year kan liz ;)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you're back! i have to say i was shocked to see that eye! but glad it was no biggie :)

Lizeewong said...

Mimi - Ya ba mi..Memang TERUK. Drug pusher juga. He gave me eye drops and antibiotic. Padahal nda paya antibiotic pun.

Ennie - Scary huh? I know. Anyway, thanks mandak. *hugs* xoxo

Oct- Ya ba. I am back to reality Oct. There's no 1B here ;) 1 more year I hope. Fingers crossed *wink*

Hi Manda...Yes, I've been gone for too long. Spent hours reading everybody's blog last night :)My mata scary huh? Hehe.