October 30, 2010

A New Ride

I got my driver's license the day I turned 19. That was about 6 years ago yesterday. OK. That's a lie. Add another 7 years to that. What? You're confused? Oh well. Never mind. Age is just a number and I hate numbers and this post isn't going to be about numbers.

So anyway. Back to the story. On the day I earned my driver's license, everything just fell into place. I passed the theoretical test, I nailed the slopes test and I excelled in the parking test. Everything was a breeze except for the road test. What happened? Well, the car stalled twice during the test cos I was sloppy with the clutch and the accelerator. But because it was my birthday, I got really lucky and was given this super nice tester. He said "Jangan panic Alice...Palan palan". And surprise surprise, my final score for the road test was 19/20! Even with mati enjin :) 

Although I had a license, I was not allowed to drive cos my dad said I wasn't ready. It was only safe for me to drive on kampung roads. Period. That was so frustrating. Three years later, I graduated and was posted to a suburban school in Papar. My dad realized that I couldn't possibly walk from KK to Papar so he bought me a pre-loved Suzuki Jeep. It was ancient alright but I so adored it, simply because it was mine. All mine.

After two months, the Suzuki broke down. The journey from KK to Papar was too much for the old engine so my dad had no choice but to sell the car. I was a bit annoyed when he did cos I was back to being chauffered-driven to school. Suddenly I was 12 again.

Shortly after this bleak period, my dad bought me a more reliable car. It was a metallic-blue, Proton Saga sedan. I was extremely ecstatic when I got it cos it was way newer than the Suzuki and much easier to drive. The Proton served me well for a few years but after sometime, it started giving me heaps of problems. I'd like to tell you the problems I had with it, but I can't come up with the right term. The only thing I could remember is the timing belt. So anyway, I sold the car and moved on.
My next car was an Atos - small and economical. This Atos was special because a month after I had it, the registration number 2650 came out in the lottery - first prize! We bought two tickets, so that was equivalent to RM5000. A sweet win, wouldn't you say? Anyway,  a month after winning the 4D, llittle Alden was born. The date? 26 May 2006 (26/5). His weight? 2.65 kg. Big coincidence eh? I thought it was cool.

In September 2008, I had to sell the Atos cos I was leaving for NZ. It wasn't easy getting rid of it but I managed to sort it out just in the nick of time. When we got to Christchurch, we bought this red Toyota Camry station wagon for $1800.00. That's right. A thousand eight hundred ONLY.

This car has been problem-free since the day we bought it but it does have a couple of minus points. It doesn't have an air-conditioner, it's absorbers are all worn out and something in the engine needs to be fixed. 

You know where this is going right? Yep. That's right. We sold the car. 

And then we went car hunting. There were so many nice, cheap ones in the market and  we went to more than 10 car dealers along Moorhouse Avenue itself.

BMW anyone?

 I like this one but it's a two-seater

 Nissan Maxima 2004 - $8000 plus only

 If I were single, I would have bought this - $5990 only!

 and this one's $6990!

 A classic - The Jaguar is only $6999

It was hard choosing one that you really like cos there were so many to choose from. But in the end, I finally decided on something more practical for the family and one that is affordable.

I chose this. Another Camry but a newer one.

And that's my biggest birthday present ever :)

Yes, I'm in denial

 Happy Weekend everyone :)


Tina said...

Hi Lizee!
My first time here... Love your 'writing voice'!!
BTW the car prices, in dollars or ringgit? Just curious..

chegu carol said...

Liz!! Happy Birthday!!!
That is a very nice car oh. Punya siok if can buy car like that here at a cheaper price.

Mimi said...

Yeay! Congrats on your new ride! I'll take the BMW, please!? LOL! Can bring back ka nanti?

Lizeewong said...

Hello Tina! Thanks for the compliment. The prices are in NZ dollars. Cheers :)

Kay - Thanks! Ya..cars here a much much cheaper compared to KK. Teda tax I guess. :)

Mimi- Hehehe. You like the BMW huh? C alex pun suka itu sporty one. Tapi kalau ambi yg itu, tia tau mana mau simpan c vava n alden.
Sa plan mau bawa balik la ni. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

you know, i was like u when i first got my license! my dad wouldn't for his life, let me drive UNTIL my P was over. after that, i had to 'relearn' coz he's scared i forgot how to drive T_T.

Anyway, sweet ride! and that car where you said you'd buy it if you're single? THAT'S MY DREAM CAR! damnit punya murah di sana! :(

Iyuk said...

Nice car! Happy (belated) 23rd Birthday!!!(konon lah)

Mell_f said...

And u know what,i too have to wait till i get my first car baru dapat drive oh hihi. Anyway,nice ride :)

debrajill said...

KAK!!!!!!!!!!IM VERY SORRY for THE LATE WISHES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! sorry sorry!!!!! I LOVE YOUR RIdE!!! u sooo lucky kak! so cute!! I just realise i dont know how to reach to you except for this blog! OMG! i dont have your number there..sighh! take care everyone of you guys there!

Octavia said...

Liz!I literally burst out laughing when i saw ur cake hehheh...whose idea was it to switch the numbers?;p...Nyway love the birthday pressie and its WHITE too...wish i could get something like that for my birthday.....;p

Lizeewong said...

Manda - Your dad too?? Hehehe...
Btw, YOUR DREAM CAR memang gorgeous. How I wish I could tapau balik byk2. It's be nice driving that wicked car in KK hehhe :)

Debs - Thanks my dear. Haven't heard from you for quite some time :)

Mell- Frustrating kan? Getting the license and then not being able to drive! Anyway, thanks :)

Debra - Hi Debs! That's okay ba. Better late than never kan? *Hugs* Kisses to mita and danielle

Oct - Come on oct. I am 23, I mean I feel 23. Hehehe. T'was John's idea (alex's friend). Btw, i chose the car 2 weeks ago ba tu. I had been planning to buy for quite some time. Just didn't know when. Ngam2 saja my birthday tu Oct. Sendiri punya present ba.

Kay Ayim said...

liz... Happy Birthday!!!!.. Cantik oh ur car..jeles I..Punya excited saya scroll down for the result haha..Best CHOICE Liz..love it..

Kay Ayim said...
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Kay Ayim said...

liz..Happy Birthday!!!cantik oh ur car..jeles I..Punya excited saya scroll down for the result..haha..Best CHOICE Liz..love it..:D

Kay Ayim said...

liz..Happy Birthday!!!cantik oh ur car..jeles I..Punya excited saya scroll down for the result..haha..Best CHOICE Liz..love it..:D

Kay Ayim said...

liz..Happy Birthday!!!cantik oh ur car..jeles I..Punya excited saya scroll down for the result..haha..Best CHOICE Liz..love it..:D

CathJ said...

wow... so lucky daddy bought a car... me?? I only have my own car time 1st time kerja hahahahha...

and happy bday to you... what a nice birthday present there!! ^_^

Lizeewong said...

Hi Kay..Thanks for dropping by..Hope to see you in Jan.

Hi Cat - I think I must have misled people into thinking my hubby bought the car. Itu sendiri punya bday present utk diri sendiri ba tu. Self-reward. Si daddy kerja keras la bayar tiap bulan :P