November 20, 2010

It's In the Bag!

* A tag from Chegu Carol "What's in your bag?"

A diamond is said to be a woman's best friend. But that's not entirely true. A woman's true best friend is her handbag; the one that sticks with her through the good and the bad. The one that keeps all her dark secrets.

At the moment, this is my bestfriend.

It is big and I get to store lots of stuff in it.

There's ample room for more stuff

What's inside? The usual. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Let me list them down.

1. A black purse.
2. A little brown bag for my external hard disk.
3. A make-up bag for my make up.
4. A smaller make-up bag for pendrives.
5. A little hanky.
6. A pen.
7. Alden's toys.
8. Alva's head band.
9. A scrunchy.
10. Car key, house keys and office keys.
11. A rosary.
12. Papers/ Receipts/ Reload card
13. A hair roller..which should be kept in the make up bag.
14. Wet tissue.
15. Cell phone

Inside the make-up bag

A list of 20 items:
1. Pressed-powder
2. Blusher
3. Blusher brush
4. Lip gloss
5. Lip balm
6. Lip mask
7. Two lipsticks
8. Eye shadow
9. A scrunchy
10. Shower scrub?!
11. Eyebrow pencil
12. Eyeliner
13. Mascara
14. Lipliner
15. Nail clipper
16. Panty liner
17. A bra strap
18. A comb
19. Velcro hair roller
20. Palmer's cocoa butter

The stapler is out of context but I don't know where else to put it. And that shower scrub just happens to be in there.

Inside the smaller make-up bag

All my handy drives and a scapular
My friends think it's kinda weird when I just whip out a hair roller from my handbag sometimes. But I can't help it. I have a sideswept bang which doesn't always go sideways. So having a hair roller in my bag is very handy. After all, don't we all have hair rollers in our bag? No? Whatever. As I was saying, when my bang decides to go the other way, all I need to do is take out one roller, put it in my hair and wait for 15 minutes. While waiting, I can multitask: answer calls, read, go to the loo and even blog. It works everytime! :)


Having all my essentials in one big bag gives me a great sense of security cos I know that whenever something goes wrong, I might find the solution inside. A handbag is after all, a woman's  greatest ally. Wouldn't you agree?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

a bag in a bag in a bag! but alden's toys? truly a bonafide mum :D

chegu carol said...

ok i think sia surrender lah with your bag's content. punya banyak! haha! but i love your handbag, siap ada padlock lagi. accessory bah that kan?

about the hair curler, that gave me an idea to put one inside my bag too. :)

Mimi said...

I noticed the hair roller first too! And then Aiden's trucks. Your bag is more like a doraemon's pouch! And I like your bag, it's cute.

Lizeewong said...

Aww..Thanks Manda...The toy is actually a form of bribery for Alden when I need him to stay put. He's a an Energizer ba ni...nda pandai diam ;P

Kay- Hahaha...Byk cos I am always in a rush so I can only do my make-up in the car. And yes, the padlock is accessory saja tu.

Ba, adala kwn sia bawa hair roller dlm handbag ni kan :) hehe

Mimi- Thanks moi! Bag doraemon huh? Hehe..Can't leave home without it :D

Dee Loner said...

like seriously, your bag content is sure like a treasure hunt waited to be discovered.. sooooo banyak barang, and Alden's toy in it too? cuteness!..

but the best part is the bag chic!!niceeeeeeeeee...

p/s: i miss reading yr blog.. been in and out of internet(blaming it to my house's internet connection) and it feels so good to finally be in blogosphere. feels normal again. ehe

Dee Loner said...
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Dee Loner said...
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Dee Loner said...
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CathJ said...

100% agree... ^_^

debrajill said...

OMG! didnt notice you bring tat much in your bag! hehehe..saya rasa saya punya lebih kurang cuma more junk like food to bribe demita.haha.hopefully can do this tag soon..tia tau bila dapat ambil gmbar.oww.tats how u maintain your rmbut depan kak~ inspiring! hehe

Caroline said...

WOW! I am amazed.. my initial comment wasn't that, hehe, but I'll keep that to myself!

Lizeewong said...

Dee - Thanks moi! :) Memang byk brg inside. It takes ages to find my car keys sometimes hehe...

Cat- *High 5* :)

Deb - Iya ba Deb. You know how foregtful I can be sometimes kan..That's why I need to put in every thing I need :)

Yeah, the hair roller idea came to me when I was doing my hair in the car the other day hehe..

Carol - THANK YOU. I'd take that as a compliment..I think I can guess what your initial comment was..*jaw drop* ? heheheheheh

Lois said...

that's not so bad. i've seen your bag with more stuff inside hehehe

Lizeewong said...

Ahhh..You understand me the most cha! Hehehe...Nasib I didn't include that 5-month old candy, sticking inside the side pocket! :P

Tina said...

Another great post Lizee!

And I thought I lug around a lot of stuff! Hahaha.. I’ve never seen so many bags inside a bag. I identify with that fishing for keys deep inside the bag… like shifting through the pebbles under water and the keys swim around macam ikan and take forever to catch.
I carry a scapular, too!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Tina! Ya hard to get my keys! Hehehehe :)

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

OMG! 20 items in the make up bag? I'll loose to you for sure :) I still haven't got the time to post my entry abt this. Maybe I'll do that this week. shower scrubs? teheeee..

Lizeewong said...

Ya ba Ennie..Samak kan??? Too much stuff inside I know..Bah, do ur tag la..Wanna see what's inside yours :D