November 24, 2010

Rojak Week

We have successfully moved to a new suburb in Christchurch, which is only 1km away from where we used to live. Our new shack is smaller and a wee bit older in comparison but we get to save a lot on rental. This is one of the few reasons why we decided to move.

The old place was perfect but we needed to downsize to make up for the kids’ school expenses. The sudden increase in child care fees last October really hit us like a tornado. Alva’s fee alone has increased from $20.00 a day (1/2 day) to $24.00. I am only sending her for the morning session cos a whole-day fee would cost a whopping $38.00. Since she is booked from Monday to Thursday, the total amount per week is quite massive. How much do we pay in a week? Too much.

That’s our rationale for moving.

Anyway, move we did and there is no looking back now. Having said that, I think I am going to miss this cute, elderly man called Reg. He is our former neighbor, whose house is one of the neatest in the neighborhood. He did all our gardening while we were away in KK and he even helped us with the weeding. He is simply one of the most wonderful human beings on earth. I’m planning to get him a nice  Christmas gift but I haven’t got a clue what to buy. Any idea what I should get for a 70-year-old man? Please do not say Viagra.

We have settled in quite nicely at the new place and although I don't really fancy our new surroundings, I like the big sunny garden at the back. There is a small shed to put our stuff and a long washing line to dry our clothes. Yay! The previous flat only had a metre-long clothing line with four pathetic cords. Truly a work of an idiot. I'll try posting some photos of the new house later on.

I'm in such a swell mood today that I feel like telling you everything :)
First up. I presented my first ever poster presentation this morning! No. I'm not talking about those pin-up posters we put on our bedroom wall and dream about at night. It's more like a research poster with a visual representation of what I am doing in my study. It was really Yoda's idea for me to present and although I hated the idea, I said YES anyway. I'm glad I did cos the crowd was very informal and the whole setting was very low-keyed. What I'm most happy about is when two seasoned lecturers gave me some useful insights on my study. Something about how L1 interference in second language writing differs across culture and background. Bla bla bla. I know it's boring so I'll move on.
Oh! Have I told you that I'm flying to Melbourne this Sunday? Yep. I'm presenting my poster at the AARE 2010 International Conference and I'm so anxious about the whole thing. Hubby and the kids are coming too  so we'll probably go sightseeing in the city while we're there. That part is exciting. The other part? Not so exciting. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and listening to other people's work but naturally I'm a bit nervous about my presentation. Whatever la. The next time I talk about this, everything will be in the past tense :)
I guess that is all I got to say for this entry. It's 6.30 pm now. If I hurry, I can still get one lottery ticket at Countdown. Which reminds me. You know, a few weeks ago, I asked for a $6 LUCKY PICK from the cashier at the Lotto counter. Didn't think that I was using the wrong term until she said "You mean a $6 LUCKY DICK?" And I said sternly "NO. A lucky pick". And then barulah we both realised what she has said. Hehehe. I laughed and laughed. Her expression was priceless!
The correct term was LUCKY DIP.
Wish me luck! 


Mrs Graig_Kenny said...

Bah..good luck kio :)

Mimi said...

OMG! The lucky Dick is so hilarious!!

So thoughtful of you to get something for Reg, though I don't really have any suggestion what you should give.. maybe a nice sweater for winter?

Have fun in Melbourne.. My regards to Bibing if you happen to see her!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Kenny! :)

Ahh..Mimi..That episode really made my day..Sampai ruma pun sia masi ketawa...

Hey that's a good suggestion you know. He wears sweater all the time so he'll probably like it.

Will send your regards to bibing hehhehe..and will try call her bibing too. See how she reacts to that LOL!

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

LOL! funny entry..anyways, congrats and good luck with your presentation. don't forget to post pics of your new place :)

Tina said...

Good luck with the lucky dip, Lizee, and have fun in Melbourne. Your friend Reg sounds nice. Yes, get him a sweater.
Maybe can consider getting him a copy of my book? Hehe..he'll learn something about the Dusuns of yore.
Suggestion saja bah! Cheers!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Ennie! Will do as soon as I'm done with the boring stuff :)

Thanks Tina! Another great suggestion! :)