September 26, 2011

Argh DST, how I loathe thee

Daylight Savings Time started at 2am yesterday. Like everyone else in NZ, I've lost an hour's sleep setting the clocks ahead. 2 am became 3 am. 2.01 am never existed. Confusing right?

So who's the moron who started DST?

It was George Vernon Hudson, an entomologist whose shift-work job gave him leisure time to collect insects, and led him to value after-hours daylight. In 1895 he presented a paper to the Wellington Philosophical Society proposing a two-hour daylight-saving shift, and after considerable interest was expressed in Christchurch, New Zealand he followed up in an 1898 paper.

Info taken from Wikipedia.

Why Do I hate DST? Let me count the ways.

1. It messes up my biological clock.

2. It messes up Alden's biological clock.

3. I lose an hour's sleep.

4. A cranky Alden loses an hour's sleep and ends up being sleepy in school.

5. There is now a 5-hour time difference between Malaysia and NZ (previously it was only 4 hours). This means skyping with family and friends during weekdays is close to impossible. By the time they get home from work, I'd be in bed.

6. It takes me a month to adjust to this insanity and after a few months (sometime in Autumn), I have to readjust when the clock moves backward.

It's a really stupid idea. Changing our clocks ahead one hour has totally no effect on the actual hours of daylight. It’s just a psychological thing. I prefer knowing the standard, real time than pretending it’s an hour later.


Joan said...

I totally agree with the DST thingy. Kenapa bah mo change tu. even funny in US certain states ada yang mau ikut itu DST some don't. So ada la yang akan confuse tu masa especially ada travel across states.

Isabel said...

never heard of DST oo...but if it makes us lose one hour of precious sleep, then i think it's so uncool. hehe..why pretend such thing kan?

p/s: were u really the one who left comment on my latest entry last time? just curious with why u had to write 'anonymous said..':)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

if it's a nuisance, kenapa dorang mau buat jg kan?

chegu carol said...

Sia pun masih confuse pa macam ni DST works Liz. You mean kalau kita tidur, by the time the clock points at 2:01, it's actually 3:00 in DST? That means, sendiri yang mau adjust dlm otak yg by 2:01 is actually already 3am? Is that what you mean by psychologically confusing? Cos if that's how I understand it, memang confusing. I would get angry too.

Aemy Shamy said...

this is the first time i heard about DST...then i read's to lengthen the daylight during afternoon, right? i'm like, this thing is really exist huh. that's crazy, how can it possibly happen...i'm confused. it's a good thing that we don't have it in malaysia. hehehe...

Lizeewong said...

Joan- Muhau kan? Yg sia malas tu panat2 adjust for a few months nanti skijap mau adjust lagi balik. At the back of your mind, you know it's an hour earlier. So yeah it's confusing. Nasib the whole country in the same time zone. Not as bad as the US la.

Isabel-Yeah! Really uncool!
p/s- Yup! that was me! Technical error ba tu. siou ^_^

Amanda- DST was initially implemented to increase opportunities for outdoor activities during afternoon sunlight hours. In spring, the sun rises earlier and sets later, so we supposedly have 'longer' days. In a way it forces you to start your day an hour earlier. Another reason is, they want to save energy la kunun, but then recent studies have shown that it doesn't make a lot of difference. Ntahla napa dorang masi mau implement .

Kay- Oh. sia punya explanation confusing, siou. Actually, DST started at 2.00am on Sunday. We set the clock an hour ahead so it becomes 3am. Everyone in the country has to abide/ adjust to the 'new' time eventhough everyone knows, it is actually an hour earlier. For e.g. this morning sia htr Alden p school at 9am. At the back of my mind it is still 8am but because the clock says it's 9am, terpaksa la ikut. Tu la sia ckp psychological. Lama2 you forget about the real, standard time cos everyone else follows the DST.

Aemy- Ya..They want longer daylights so the move the clock ahead so they could do more outdoor activities in the evening. Confusing alright.

Kenny said...

Soooo memeningkan kepala this DST rasa sa x blh hidup d sana klu begitu..hahaha..

btw Liz, need some favor from's the link to read Much love! Thanks!

Yen said...

the thing is, DST is quite beneficial for some people..don't u always heard people saying "i hope there is 25 hours a day"?..believe me, one day you'll be grateful jg tu ada masa tambahan 1 jam. :p

Lizeewong said...

Kenny- Done! Suda sia pigi like. Satu kali saja ka tu buli like? I tried clicking on it again but it wouldn't let me :)

Yen-Mmm..If I really do get the extra 1 hour ok juga. Ini pretend2 saja. But nda apala, I'll get the 'extra' hour in autumn ^_^