September 22, 2011

Told Yoda the truth, I have

Yesterday, I had a brief meeting with Yoda. It started with our usual semi-formal discussion about the progress of my work, what I've done, what I struggle with and the development of my thesis. Since I haven't started writing Chapter 6, I decided to talk about the SALT analysis findings.

Yoda asked me to summarize what I did, so I listed down the types of errors I found and the ways in which I have coded them. To aid his comprehension, I also provided examples from the essays. After 5 minutes of talk, I saw an unfamiliar expression on his face. It read : What the hell is she talking about? Okay. So maybe my explanation was a bit disorganised. Regardless, it felt good to know that my Jedi master was capable of being confused. So how does it feel like to be in my shoes? I asked him.

Well, silently of course.

So anyway, since the old jedi  didn't say anything, I continued talking about the codes and the interesting findings I came across. That's when he broke his silence.

"Now explain to me the difference between an error of utterence, EU and  word order, WO."

Hmm. Easy peasy.

Me: The code [WO] is a word-level error code used to mark words that are used in the wrong order. The code [EU] is used to mark errors that cannot be associated with a specific word...or when the whole sentence just doesn't make sense.

Yoda: Right. *knit brows*

Yoda: So how would you code She horses rides?

Me: Pardon me?

Yoda: She horses rides. Is that an error of utterence or word order?

Crap! Mesti juga mau tanya soalan muhau.

Me: Ermmm...Both I guess. It's a word order error and also an EU. I'm not sure though..

The jedi smiled.

Yoda: Indeed. It's a bizzare sentence. She horses rides is more like Yoda-speaking in Starwars. We might not find any in the transcripts but anyway, have a chat with B and get some feedback. Also, have a think about the apostrophe error. Bla bla bla bla bla.

I wasn't listening anymore. I was dumbstruck cos he mentioned the word Yoda. I never told him or any of my colleagues that he's Yoda. Our discussion continued for some time before he finally said

"Is there anything else we need to discuss?"

Me: No..But there is something that I want to tell you..I hope you won't be offended...

Yoda: Oh God...*feigning a worried expression*

Me: I actually call you Yoda. I mean, when I talk about you, I address you as Yoda. All of my friends know this......When you mentioned Starwars I just had to tell you.

Yoda senyum sampai nampak semua gigi dia. Btw, ada 1 gigi atas hilang.
Yoda: Golly!! So you have been talking about me. Now if  I'm Yoda, that makes B...

Me & Yoda: Obi Wan Kenobi

Yoda: Indeed! Then you must be... Luke Starwalker?

Me: Yes! *over-excited*  Luke Skywalker not Starwalker. I'm the apprentice!

Yoda: Aahh.. but of course.. So I'm Yoda *squares shoulders* Mmmm...I like that. 

There was an akward pause after that but only for a few seconds.

Yoda: Alright then. I've got to run cos I have a class at 11. See you next week I will!  

Me: Yes! See you I will! 

And that's how Yoda found out that he is Yoda. Who would've thought that I had the guts to tell him? Hehehe. That was the best meeting EVER.


chegu carol said...

ROFL! You know, right after reading the word 'yoda' in Yoda's dialogue..i stop reading and, si Liz tulis2 saja kah ni atau memang si Yoda sebut Yoda. Hahaha! OMG! This is hilarious oh.

Thumbs up to you for 'breaking the ice'. At least, you wont feel bad calling him Yoda behind his back anymore. Well, since he seems to agree with you addressing him as Yoda. :D Kira macam penghormatan kavagu.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

hehehe...kesukaan lagi dia tu kan :D

Lizeewong said...

Kay-Ya..I felt all giddy like a school girl after telling him. Memang tekejut gila ba sia bila dia sendiri sebut Yoda. And yes, since he seems to like the idea of being Yoda, I can probably get away with calling him that. Well maybe not but buli main2 la kan? Memang penghormatan ba! Siapa lagi yg paling kuat dlm Starwars kalau bukan Yoda? :)

Manda- Iya! SUKAAAAAnya dia. I wish I could record our dialogue. Suka sia tgk muka dia ni. Mcm tekejut + bangga :)

Kenny said...

Bila sa baca ni post kan..i was like blur2 ni..maybe sbb lama x ikut ur updates kali :) So, I was thinking sepa bah si Yoda ni..

You know what I did? p kurik balik old post ko..haha..baru sa tau Yoda is ur prof..naa sini sa baca

so abit ketinggalan :(

Jj said...

liz, sa bule bayangkan oo c yoda senyum2 tayang gigi dia...hahaha.. kebanggaan kana address as yoda :D

Aemy Shamy said...

hahahahahhaa!!! awkward moment at 1st, then it turns out to be funny & cute.hehehehe....i thought u'd upload his picture so i can picture him talking to you about the "starwalker"..but i guess it's inappropriate right..hehehehe :p

Lizeewong said...

Kenny-Hey, thanks for taking the time to kurik my old posts :) siap taruh link lagi ^_^

it's ok ba..sia pun ketinggalan psal your blog. I didn't know you started pesona butiza

JJ-Hahaha..mau juga sia kasi tgk muka dia tapi nda ngam pula. Tunggulah nanti. Cute juga gigi2 dia tu :)

Aemy-Ya..You know I thought of doing that many2 times but I decided not reveal his identity/ picture until I finish my apprenticeship. Wait till I become a Jedi k? ^__^

Gunaqz said...

Awwhh... I love this entry!
Tidur senyum2 kalik si Yoda kerana hari girang! Kan Liz?

Lizeewong said...

Hahaha thanks Gunaqz...Sia rasa 1 minggu dia hati girang tu tau. Memang ter-over happy sampai sia nda buli tu senyuman dia yg cute :)

Octavia said...

Liz, Yoda must've been smiling throughout the journey goin to his 11am class after the conversation kan....must've made his day, it did ;p

Lizeewong said...

Oct- Haha! Yes. It certainly did. He was smiling ear to ear when I told him. I reckon he likes the idea of being regarded as the wise old Jedi ^__^

Octavia said...

Liz! it suddenly dawned on me.... what if Yoda knows about ur blog and has been following your blogging ever since...... oh dear!better not cakap perkara buruk pasal dia from now on....melainkan ia dalam BM eheheheh..

ivyworis said...

hi liz, sia mula baca blog kau ni last year lgi. byk cerita funny2 especially yg ni pasal c yoda selain story pasal your kids.

anyway, good luck with yoda and obi wan, luke skywalker.

Lizeewong said...

Oct-Yaa, terfikir juga sia tu. Ndala sia mau mengumpat si Yoda suda :) Ckp BM saja k :)

Ivy- Hey! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for letting me know you've been reading my stories. Do you blog too? If yes, let me know.