November 18, 2011

Friday Fingers: Neon Orange

The nail polish I used was actually very bright and neon-ish. Unfortunately, it isn't reflected in the photos. I blame the lighting.


Edith said...

Owh, we have exactly d same design lah Liz:) Color ja lain. Sia bru siap sa pnya. Bila sia check FF, sama pula. Inda apalah bah kan:)

Btw, like ur orange colour.

Aemy Shamy said...

orange is my favorite color now....those nails are so pretty!!! ^^

chegu carol said...

i actually love your orange! dunno la if like u said, pasal the lighting ka apa but still, i think they're pretty and nicely done. btw, ko applied glitters kah tu, mcm ada blackish 'noise' on your base.

mmm..apa lagi theme mau kasi for this week ah. i have a few but sia takut you and edith will think its too hard. gimme idea pls :)

Armstrong said...

Hmm interesting colour but I don't like it... hahaa. Lain ba orange dia :P

Happy Tuesday, Lizee.

Lizeewong said...

Edith- Ya ba! I saw your design already. Hehe. Great minds think alike? ;)

Aemy- Really? HEhe. It's the only neon colour I have ba tu. Thanks!!

Kay-THANKS. Ya, I applied the glitter cos I don't have the proper one for top coat (whatever they call it) :) Ideas? Hmmm...How about French Mani?

Arms- Hahaha..Am not surprised. My hubby doesn't like it too ;P Apa buli buat, that's the only neon colour I have hehe. Happy Tuesay to you too.