November 11, 2011

Friday Fingers: A not-so-flowery Friday

This week's Friday Fingers has been challenging not so much because of the floral theme, but because of the crunch-time mode I was in. My days have been so hectic from Monday to Wednesday that I barely had time for myself. I thought I could squeeze in a nail-painting session after meeting Yoda yesterday but Alva fell sick when we got home.

After a trip to the doctor, we found out that Alva had caught an infection. She was given paracetamol and some antibiotics but was cranky the whole day. While she was taking a nap, I thought I'd take a little break and start my FF effort. But nah, she woke up only minutes after I started. She was so restless the whole night, I had to cuddle her to keep her settled.

Today, Vava is feeling a lot better. It seems the infection has cleared off. Last night was a nightmare. I was worried sick because she was breathing raggedly. It freaked me out seeing her like that but the nurses whom I called said it was because of her fever. I'm so glad she's recovered now.

Okay. Back to my FF story. So. I continued my effort this morning while the kids were playing in the living room. This time, I decided to have a blue base with lots of white flowers to match the background. I was just about to create a white petal when Alva lunged at me out of nowhere. She was running from Alden who had turned into a nasty monster. Like the one in Scooby Doo.

Things started to get messy when they saw what I was doing. Alva kept saying, "Wow mummy, so pretty. How about me?". I couldn't concentrate cos Alden was also driving me nuts with his questions.

Alden: Why you painting your nails mum?

Me: To make it look pretty.

Alden: Why?

Me: Cos I like it when it's pretty

Alden: Why you like it mum?

Me: I just like it okay. 

Me: You like green?

Me: No

Alden: I love green. Green is my favourite colour. I love blue too. Blue is my favourite colour.

He then takes a red nail polish.

Alden: Oh! I love red! Red is my favourite colour too.

and the black nail polish...

Alden: Oh!! Blaaack! I like BLACK. Black is my favourite colour mum!

Me: Mmm...

He takes a white nail polish and says....well, you know the drill. I have altogether 12 nail polishes.

What Alden does, Alva follows. Alva takes a yellow nail polish.

Alva: I like orange. Orange is my favourite colour. You like orange mummy?

Me: That's not orange. It's yellow.

Alva: Lello?

Me: Yellow Alva. YE- LO

Alva: Lello?

Alden: You like yellow mum? (menyampuk)

Me: Alva, it's YE - LOW

Alva: Yellow?

Me: Yes. (Finally. I sighed in relief)

Alva: You like yellow mummy?

This very exciting conversation was repeated for, I dont know, 10 times? I had to stop the mental torture so I cleared my stuff and decided to take everyone out for lunch. My treat.

After lunch, hubby and the kids sent me to the office so I could work on my thesis. I was so eager to get there cos I had snuck a bunch of nail polishes and dotting tools in my bag without their knowledge. Hehe. My plan was to spend an hour doing nail art before I start writing my thesis. It was a great plan!

When I got to the office, all lovely thoughts about my beautiful flowered nails came to a screeching halt. Two of my colleagues were in. Crap! I can't possibly paint my nails with them around. I forced myself to work on my thesis and not think about nails.

Tick tock Tick tock.

After 4 hours, my colleagues finally called it a day. By that time, my excitement had totally dwindled. Plus. Hubby was going to pick me up in a bit so there wasn't time to even clean my nails.

When I finally got home, it was dinner time. After dinner I just sort of laze around with hubby and the kids. I tried putting them to bed early but they were so full of energy. They only got to bed around 10.30. Not good, I know.

After the kids were asleep, I thought I'd just hit the sack, yet for some reason, I wasn't tired. I reckon it's because of the coffee I had at 7.00. I'm not a coffee drinker so I get all hyper whenever i have a cup. Mentally, that is.

One of the outcomes of my hyperactivity tonight is this

Yeah, I finally got around to doing my Friday Fingers. I'm not so crazy about the colours but am too lazy to redo everything.

It's been a very very long day for me. I think I'm going to hit the sack and call it a day. Have a lovely weekend :)


Edith said...

Haha...that's exactly how my girls disturbing me when I'm doing with my nails. To avoid them to keep on asking me questions, I let them use my nail polish. But still inda siok kalau ada kacau2.
I really2 like ur nail art esp ur base colour. I should've used different colour for mine. Maybe next FF lah.

Lizeewong said...

Edith-The Q and A is just the warm up activity. After that, they'll start messing around with my stuff. Malas sia :/

I don't really lie the base but haven't got the time to shop for new colours :) Next week lah.

Aemy Shamy said...

hahaha..what a cute conversation!! one thing i know about kids, when we give them answers, they'll ask more questions. i like it sometimes. haha. nice nails!! ^^

chegu carol said...

Nicely done dots Liz! And the color combo pun ngam ni.

Let's do 'lello' next week? How? ^__^

CathJ said...

Nice.. Aya.. Wish can join..have to wait nite time uh huuuu....

Lizeewong said...

Aemy-You got that right. One time is cute but after the 5th time, it gets really annoying hehe.

Kay-Thanks! I'm not that pleased with this week's FF cos it looks a bit dull hehe.

Le-lo for next week's theme would be nice! :D

Cath-Join la Cath! Next week ah. We have 6 days to prepare bah :)

beaty said...

wah cantik juga ni liz..sia suka..kamu semua ni kan pandai buat owh bunga-bungaan

debrajill said... nice! I can only toe nail ni..when i started mesti i have to do my two princess first because klu nmpak saja kaki sy cantik terus menangis! Terus bergaduh coz dua2 mau dulu.thn lama saya pun give up! Hehehe

oji said...

1 more week and I'm so gonna start doing nail arts. And I'm going to copy your flowers ya...hehe...boleh kah? Step 1: shopping!

Lizeewong said...

beaty-Thanks! With the dotting tools ada senang sikit Beaty :)

Debra-Kau lagi la susa debs. Mita and Chanel dua dua suka minlawa :) For me, si Alva ja hehe.

Oji-By all means! Can't wait to see your newly manicured nails :) Join FF nanti ah :)