January 1, 2012

Wool Anniversary

Dear Alex

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary. Reminiscences of our wedding day this morning made me smile and think “wow, we’ve come a long way”. We’ve been together for 9 years, married for 7 years and blessed with two kids. Aren't you glad we said "I do" ? I am. Thank you for continuously putting up with my crap and loving me the way you do.



Your soul mate


Isabel said...

Happy anniversary to u n hubby! God bless.:)

N happy new year 2012!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Isabel! Happy New Year to you too. May this year brings more blessings than the previous :)

DoRa Priscilla said...

Happy Wedding Anniversary to both of you. what a great way to start the year! Have a great year ahead Lizee ^^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

awww...happy anniversary!

chegu carol said...

Happy Anniversary Liz and Alex!!!

Edith said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!

I like your new blog's look :)

JIPP said...

wow. mcm baru juga sa congratulate kamu punya last anniversary. How time flies. Nway, congratulations again. You two were certainly made for each other.

Aemy Shamy said...

waaaaa so sweet!!!! ^^
happy 7th anniversary!!! may both you stay happy together till the end of time! this is like a fairy tale..heeee....congrats & have a great year!!! ^^

Vera Peter @ Princess Bex said...

happy anniversary lizee and hubby, god bless u and the family :)

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Dora! Have a wonderful 2012!

Manda - Thanks gorgeous :)

Kay- Thanks! Yours and Alvin's in 5 month's time kan? :)

Edith- Thanks dith! You like this look? Yay!

Jipp- Time flies eh?! How bout you Jipp? When are you going to tie the knot? ;)

Aemy-Thanks dear! May you and Ifo live happily ever after. God bless!

Vera- Thanks moi! Happy New Year to you!

CathJ said...

Happy belated anniversary liz.... :)

Enniebelle said...

Lizee, happy anniversary to you and your soulmate! Wish you two will have many more anniversaries to come.. :)

Armstrong said...

Your anniversary is on the 1st of each year? Wow, what a new year celebration you have every time huh... hehee. Cool

Happy Anniversary to you both!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Ennie!

Thanks Cath!

Thanks Arme! MEmang every year it's a double celebration for us hehe :)