November 9, 2009

A Day at the Park

With summer fast approaching, people are starting to gear up for outdoor activities like swimming, BBQ, gardening and hiking. Spring is still here but the temperatures are getting warmer now and once in awhile, it gets unbearably  hot, it almost feels like I'm in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Hehe. In the spirit of celebrating the end of spring, we decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and go for an outing at the Ferrymead Heritage Park.

Ferrymead park is an ideal place for a family outing especially if you have  a Thomas & Friends enthusiast  like Alden in your brood. The park’s biggest attractions are the unique tram and train rides offered to visitors. I personally think it is a must to visit on a Steam Sunday because that's when all the steam engines make a rare appearance and visitors can have as many rides as they want . Steam Sundays are held on the first Sunday of March to November and every Sunday in December, January and February.

The park presents an early 1900 Moorhouse township that goes way back to the Colonial times. Everything is so well-preserved and the town really has cowboy-feel to it  you know. Older visitors will definitely enjoy viewing the major heritage collections of transport and technology in the museum area. Apart from exciting train rides, the park also offers lots of exciting activities such as horse rides, riding the 2Ft Railway and sightseeing.

Alden got a bit hysterical when he first saw the steam train. He shouted  James! James! James!” (as in James no 5 in Thomas and Friends) and cheered in glee as a red steam engine passed us by. I had never seen him that happy. Like a monkey possessed, he was jumping up and down, shouting “TUT-TUT! TUT-TUT!” excitedly. Can you picture that?

We had a considerable number of train rides at the park and after an hour Alden got really tired. Towards the end of our tour, all his enthusiasm had dwindled down and he could barely keep his eyes open. There was even a drunken swagger to his walk, making him fall every now and then. We wanted to call it a day, but Alden still hadn’t had enough. ENERGIZER kan. So okay, we put up with him and continued our tour to the Fire Museum.

I didn't expect we'd end up spending a good three hours at the park. By the time we left, it was already 3.00 pm and we were all famished. Alden was cranky, Alva was restless and  I suddenly had this awful headache. But none of that mattered. We had a fantastic time that day :)

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debrajill said...

nice familY outing!!~~ love it~ kak post again more picture on the outing at facebook k~

Den2 must be so excited tat kan~ i can imagine alreadY~ hehehe..he loves train so much~ heheh

Miss all you~~