November 1, 2009

Overdued entry

Before this post-birthday entry becomes stale, I thought it's a good idea to publish it as promised.

What I did...
I had dinner with hubby and kids at this Vietnamese restaurant along Riccarton road. Since both hubby and I were hungry at that time, the food was rated "supremely delicious". We went out quite early so by the time we finished, we still had time to go for a stroll at a shopping mall down town. We spent about an hour at South City mall before heading home.

What made me happy...
This year, hubby gave me an 8 in 1 hair styler that comes with a matching case. I really love it! Something practical and useful you know. I had wanted a microdermabrasion kit I saw on TV  but that takes about 4 weeks to arrive so I had to settle for the styler instead. A microdermabrasion kit for my Christmas present maybe? :)

My new toy

My colleagues surprised me with these Irises
Being superstitious...
Last but not least, my birthday wish. Call me silly, but I have this ab-surd superstition about having a birthday wish and I view it as a very crucial part of the birthday ritual. I always believe that my wishes will more or less come true once I've blown the candles on my birthday cake. It's like believing in Santa. No such thing right? Well, that's my own superstition. How about you? Do you believe in this myth?

As always, I got a bit greedy and made more than 1 wish when I blew the candles.

I had a wonderful birthday. Thanks to all of you who showed you care :-)


Carpe Diem 211 said...

That is a great birthday celebration Lizee .. wish I was there to celebrate with you. Cake was awesome!!

Birthday wish before blowing the candle .. well I don't remember when I last blow candles on a cake .. so can't say the same for me.

Alex and your colleagues are so sweet yeah .. I am happy for you :D

chegu carol said...

i always wanted to buy those hair curling set but sa pemalas mo kasi curl rambut sendiri especially yg belakang rambut.

Anonymous said...

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