November 16, 2009

Spring fever is over, summer's here

Spring fever is over, summer’s here,
Can’t believe it has been a year,
What have I done for two semesters?
Nothing much, Oh dear! Oh dear!

Spring fever is over, summer’s here,
Deadlines draw near, but I don’t bother,
Tis’ a syndrome faced by many writers,
PROCRASTINATE – does that sound familiar?

Spring fever is over, summer’s here,
It’s time to switch gears, no time to ponder,
Do it now, instead of later,
It sounds clichéd but I need a closer;

Goodbye spring, welcome summer,
Everything should be better and brighter,
Create in your mind a print of the future,
What’s foggy will be clear, your doubts disappear.


JIPP said...

Happy summer to you.. :-)

Carpe Diem 211 said...

so jealous .. summer ... it's autumn here and soon it will be winter .. god I deteste winter