March 15, 2010

Having a Vain Moment

Aside from wanting to lose weight, which I'm still working on by the way, I am also trying to keep up with my beauty regime. I'm sure this task is a no brainer for most of you ladies out there but if you have a 3 year-old demanding toddler and a 9 month-old baby, you tend to put everything else aside.

I have listed this task as one of my new year's resolution after discovering the appearance of fine lines under my eyes. The discovery gave me a mild stroke at first but then, when I reflected on the possible culprit, I realized it was all my fault. You see, during my second pregnancy, I transformed into a moody, hormonal hippo with a bad case of morning sickness. Due to this transformation, I became extremely frumpy and  sloppy.  And then, I did the unthinkable; I stopped using skincare! (did you just gasp?).  Well, I didn't see the point of sticking up to a beauty regime cos none of the creams I used could stop the hormonal breakouts on my face. So against good judgment, I went au naturel for almost a year.

Two months after my delivery, my fine lines and I met for the first time. Me: Hi y'all.  Wrinkles: Hello mommy! I'm fine lines and that's crow's feet. So yeah, we had an ice-breaking session. My first impulse was to go for a facial and pamper myself from head to toe. Something like this.

However, after visiting one of the salons in Riccarton, I had to reconsider. Spa treatments are  simply too expensive here and being a student, I can't afford it. A complete facial and body massage costs about $200 and this takes only an hour and a half (including consultation time). There are cheap ones which cost around $45 for just a facial but this is only for 20 minutes and it doesn't include face-steaming, facial massage  or extraction. It's just exfoliation and mask. Pretty pathetic. So I opted for a more economical solution and after seeing a very convincing ad on the net, I purchased this for my peepers. The price is quite reasonable at USD17.99 and delivery is FREE.

It came in a small bundle last week and I've been using it for three days; morning and night without fail. I am hoping for some kind of miracle to happen but so far, no such luck. Maybe it's too premature to tell. Aside from the ad for this supposedly effective UNT eye cream, I've also seen an enticing ad for Susan Lucci's microdermabrasion kit. It was aired on TV a while ago and I can't help thinking about it. After all, microdermabrasion has been said to help rejuvenate the skin as well as eliminate fine lines. I read about it here. Very tempting you know.

Today, I saw another product on the net which claims to diminish the appearance of fine lines under the eye with botox-like effects. With such enticing words I am convinced yet again. Read about it here.


chegu carol said...

Adoiii liz...terasa sa owh cos eventhough I havent got any children, im already neglecting my beauty regime. i normally wash my face with just water and clean cloth. Once or twice a week saja I use scrub. No toner. No mosturizer. Terus pakai make up base and foundation.

Ive been complaining about my dry skin for like ages but yeah, like you's my own fault. Sendiri tidak mau put effort mau jaga.

Lizeewong said...

Hehe..busy ba kan, it's not like we have hours and hours to spare in front of the mirror.

Don't worry Kay, you still look great :)

My skin is dry too and the weather here isn't helping; the air is too dry. Mcm buli crack tu muka. And when i was pregnant, I think byk suda tu urat/ skin cells crack hehe...

debrajill said...

waaa..memang expensive o kan the massage sana.di sini saya pg haritu ada promotion, its RM35 saja ni! but then bukan yang postnatal massage la.its more like relaxation, i think the lady massage me very rough ni.makin sakit pula my back..

yeah, i find that, eventhouh im consider masih blm ageeing, having babies make my skin dry ba kan! its like i look older than my age ni..arghH! right now im using cosway eu miracle, belum mampu lagi SKII miracle, so substitute boleh la! hahaha! when will our wrinkle start to show ah? im kinda scared o..does the product works ka?

eugene said...

Hey Lizee,

first time here so i reckon it would only be nice to leave a comment or two before i zoom out of her.

I can say that you must be a wonderful mom, and it is not easy at all the keep the beauty regime at the same time keeping your children but i am sure you wil manage well.

i shall be back again if you dont mind

Lizeewong said...

Deb - ya ba's nice to be in kk where massages are so affordable *sigh*

don't know whether this product im using will work tp sa try ja la :)

ko masi ok lg deb...still a hot mama!

Eugene - thanks for dropping by :) you're welcome to pop by anytime. cheers

ilovepink1078 said...

Hello Liz!

Thank you for dropping by and linking me up. I truly appreciate it.

Anyway your post is very useful and informative.

Thanks for sharing.

Keep in touch!

Lizeewong said...

Hey there...

Thanks for dropping by hehe...

I love your pink blog btw!