March 31, 2010

One of Those Unexpected Things

My Alden had just got a febrile convulsion two days ago. It wasn't his first, but it was just as horrible and frightening as the one he had in 2009

It started with a fever on Monday morning (2 am) and despite giving him 2 doses of Pamol over a period of 8 hours, we couldn't keep it down. Because of his history with febrile convulsion, I got worried and called 111. The ambulance came in less than 10 minutes and we got to the emergency department at exactly 11.30 a.m. 

We were asked a few questions during the registration and were told to to wait for the doctor. So I sat down on the bed and waited. Alden was in my arms. Hubby was with Alva. After a few seconds, it happened - he went  into a fit. I shouted HELP and doctors came scurrying over to the bed. 

The convulsion lasted for 1 minute and 25 seconds but it seemed like forever to me. After treatment and general assessment, Alden was admitted to the children's ward at the Acute Assessment Unit, where his progress was monitored. Over the next six hours, Alden seemed to have gotten over the fever. His tests came out fine and the doctors said he was okay. They were pleased with his progress and told us we could go. 

At five something, we gathered our stuff and got ready to go home. It was then that I notice something wasn't right about Alden. He started to shiver again and he complained about being cold. I hit the buzzer and got the nurses to come. They all said he's fine. Again, they told us we could go home. I got the message stupid nurse!

I didn't want to go home cos I wasn't happy. He seemed fine but my gut feeling told me he wasn't. We decided to wait a little longer. Then, it happened again. Another seizure.  I hit the emergency button and the doctors came in a flash. The seizure lasted longer but it was less than 5 minutes. 

I felt like slapping the nurse who kept asking me to go home. She was really quiet during the treatment. The doctors ran a few more tests on him to see if there's any bacterial infection etc.  This time, Alden's recovery was slow and he became really weak after the attack. It was heart-wrenching seeing him like that. He was then admitted to the High Dependency ward so the nurses could keep a closer eye on him. We spent two sleepless nights here. 

This morning, Alden was discharged from the hospital and this finally ended our 3-day turmoil. His test results came out OK and the doctor has also given him some antibiotics to make sure all the  nasty bugs are taken care of. 

He is fine now and that's all that matters.


Caroline said...

really sorry to hear about this.glad he's fine now...kesian kamu semua ni.

JIPP said...

Goshh. Thanks God he's fine now. Hopefully he'll stay fine. Sounds horrible how he got into that seizure..

debrajill said...

hi kak..OMG!hopefully everything will okay..will pray for alden and all of you there...yeah.the most important thing that he is fine now...

chegu carol said...

Glad Alden is better now. He is bah kan?
That is really a hard three days for both you and hubby.

Lizeewong said...

Caroline - Thanks you all. He's still a little bit grumpy but he's fine.