May 9, 2010

Tag, You're It!

An Award from Chegu Carol 

1. Ucap terima kasih & letakkan link orang yang memberi award ini.

Thank you Kay. This is my first tag.

2. Nyatakan 7 perkara tentang diri anda.

i. It drives me crazy when I can't remember something like the name of an actress or a TV Show.  Like last July when my sister was here, a verse of a song from a cartoon we used to watch came to her head. She kept humming "Here I come to save the day...da di da di da di da" but she couldn't remember the name of the show. I couldn't stop thinking about it too, so both of us googled "superhero cartoons" and found the answer. It was Mighty Mouse.

ii. I am a reformed klutz. In the past, I used to trip, slip and fall on a regular basis. Some examples - I tripped over my shoelaces during a sports event in primary school. In Form 2, I slipped and fell on a muddy sand pit in front of the school gate, where everyone was waiting for the bus. And on my third date with hubby, I slipped into a drain behind Anjung Selera. There were so many incidents like this but let's not dwell on the past shall we? These days, I'm extra careful when walking over drains and going up and down the stairs.

iii. I have the uncanny ability to remember the outfits I've worn during special occasions like weddings and birthday parties as well as normal outings like attending classes etc. Well, sometimes I also remember what other people wear especially if they're interesting, unique or plain weird. Hehe. With regards to this ability, whenever I recollect an event in my mind, I'd focus on the outfits first. Hubby tells me not to strain my brain  all the time but to me, it's totally effortless. Bad habit. I know.

iv. I love giving surprises and getting them.

v. Don't tell hubby this but I am secretly in love with Christiano Ronaldo. A month ago, I met him in my dream where he was taking my grammar class in uni. He was wearing an MU jersey and at one point during the lesson, he stood up and asked me a question. It was something about simple present tense. When I answered his question, he smiled at me and said "Thank you Ms. Wong". T'was the sweetest dream ever!

vi.  I am easily influenced by TV Ads on the shopping channel and I've made a list of the three things I'd like to have: 1. A BeDazzler 2. TOBI Professional steam iron and 3. Microdermabrasion Kit

vii. When I really like a particular song, I play the song over and over AND over again until I get really sick of it.

3. Pass kepada 15 orang award ni.
 This is a bit hard cos there're so many to choose from. Plus, Chegu has already tagged most of the blogs I frequent. Let me just do it the Eenie Meenie Miny Mo way okay? Here goes...

Erin Gray
Mapeh's Homepage
Mrs. Craig

*Ennie and Mimi - I know Chegu has already tagged you so consider this your second award :)

 4. Beritahu kepada 15 orang yang bertuah ni bahawa diorang dapat award ni.

These are for you. Thanks for giving me good reading materials every day/ week/ month.

You've just been tagged but you don't have to do it if you're busy saving the world (roll eyes). To be honest,  I'm hoping you'd do it so I could read about your 7 juicy details. Cheers :)


LaViaP said...

almost fell off my chair! i was reading this from carol's blog this morning.

Dee Loner said...

awww.. I've been tagged and awarded! thanks :)

Happy mother's day to you, Lizee. So, any surprise from your husband?. ehe..

Anonymous said...

eeeks thanks for the awards lizee! thanx very much!

Lizeewong said...

Paival - Almost only? Hehehe. Don't tell me you're shocked...Ba, looking forward to reading your 7 facts.

DeeLoner - Thanks moi. Hubby did the house work and brought me out for dinner. Tu ja. :)

Lynne-You're most welcome moi. :)

LaViaP said...

it's been a while since i last receive any "award" bah

Mimi said...

Thanks for the tag.. I'll do it when I can find the time ya.. At the moment, I am in KK taking care of my dad.. BTW, I'd love to get a bedazzler and steam iron too.. I keep on going to Amazon, thinking of getting them.. hehehe.. But always forgot about it.

debrajill said...

yay! will do the tag ya kak~ hehee..thanks for tagging! and the falling, klutz thingy, totally can relate to it..sighh! its not a good thing cause you tend to have bruisers on you leg ni..hehehe

Lizeewong said...

Mimi- Me too. I get really excited when I see the BeDazzler ad on TV but it's not really an URGENT thing to buy so it can wait :)

Take your time with the tagging post :)

Debs - Hehehe...U HAVE TO DO IT ah :)

chegu carol said...

Thanks for doing the tag Liz!

And hi-5 for no.3 hahaha!

Lizeewong said...

Kay - Thanks to you! It was a pleasure doing the post :)

No 3? You too? hehe *high 5* senteki! hihihi

Anonymous said...

hehe..tks for the tag Lizee...will do it..1st time ni dpt award..hahah...

Lizeewong said...

Erin - You're most welcome :) Ba, can't wait to read it hehe