October 21, 2011

Friday Fingers: Monet's Blossoms

without glitter

with glitter
I know it's not as perfect as Chegu's blossoms but that's as far as I can go. Like Monet's paintings, my nails look beautiful and complex from far away, but up close, it's a bit of a mess. 

Anyway, these are the tools I used to recreate Chegu's design. The sponges will be used for next Friday's nail art and the blingy beads for the week after next. Am I painting my nails on a weekly basis? Yes I am!

I guess this nail art thingy isn't just a fling. We're going steady now :)


DoRa Priscilla said...

wah Lizee :D not bad, that is good..So many tools, I can't effort yet to buy tools, just can effort to but the nail polish.. maybe after I got my own salary.. he he

Edith said...

Friday Fingers..hmmm...not a bad idea..can I join u? Have to go shopping lah ni nti & mo blajar cat kuku b4 buat nail art hehe :)))
BTW, ur nail art is so beautiful:) I wish I can learn that fast later hehe...

Lizeewong said...

Klara- Thanks! I didn't really spend much on the tools Klara. I went hunting at the $2 shop and found the stuff there. Everything's $2 saja :D The brushes are actually used for art work..Sia hentam saja :)

Hey Edith..Why not? The more the merrier kan? Bah, pigilah beli banyak2 cat kuku so kita hias ramai2 sambil ikut tutorial si Chegu kan? Thanks for the compliments ya dith. Terus semangat sia mau belajar mengecat kuku :)

chegu carol said...

Yayyyy! Finally! Eh cantik apa. Yang penting, your cherry blossoms jadi!!!

I'll get to that Friday's Finger part this Sunday on that *wink* blog.

Dora, the tools buli cari murah2 di Daiso. RM5 ja :)

myrabell said...

recently i can feel that manicure is an art...you guys are so goooood in this stuff!! ^^
love the nails, lizee! ^^

Gunaqz said...

Liz, sia suka oo. Cantik!

Sia balik2 cakap tidak sabar sudah mo membikin kuku tapi cakap tinggal cakap jak, sia masih busy mengejar deadline assignments sia. Naaanti lah. hehe.

AnnieMing said...

For me, your cherry blossom is perfect! Kalau saya yang buat tu, astaga entah apa lah result dia tu tau.. Keep it up, Lizee!

Lizeewong said...

Kay=Thanks to your tutorial, jadi juga akhirnya :)

Aemy=Thanks dear! It's really fun to do =)

Gunaqz- Palan palan ba GUnaqz..Kasi siap dulu tu assignment ah. Nanti sama2 kita post kuku lawa hari 5 =)

Annie-Thanks moi. Lama suda mau buat tp nda jadi jadi. Kalau prgenant, mesti kena pamper Annie, nda payah buat sendiri =)