October 12, 2011

Waiting in Wellington

Because of the February 22nd earthquake, I was granted an extension of studies from the university and my sponsor. With this extension, my family and I are required to extend our stay in NZ and submit a visa extension for another 7 months. The application for Alden and Alva is quite straightforward but for me and hubby, the process is quite tedious.
We have to provide a medical report from an authorized NZ medical examiner, support letter from my sponsors, a new financial affidavit, my study progress report, hubby’s job offer letter, a statutory declaration for spousal support and last but not least, a certificate of good conduct from the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When did I find out we have to provide a certificate of good conduct? Two weeks ago, when I made a call to NZ Immigration. The ones we submitted 3 years ago were considered obsolete so a new police certificate was needed for our visa extension. Now if we were in Malaysia, we can easily get this document in a month. But because we’re overseas, the process could take up to 3 months. That’s what the staff at the Malaysian Consulate told me.

Let’s not get into the “kenapa la kau tidak check awal-awal?” bit okay? I am quite exhausted at the moment. Anyway, the only possible way we could speed up the process is by doing a declaration at the Malaysian High Commissioner office in Wellington. My response to this was “WHAT???Wellington? We NEED TO FLY ALL THE WAY TO WELLINGTON??!!”

If you recall, a year ago, I had a similar problem with Vava’s travel document. So you can imagine my panic when the consular mentioned the word W-E-L-L-I-N-G-T-O-N. I couldn’t believe I was going through the same crap all over again.

That happened 10 days ago.
At the moment of speaking or in this case, writing, hubby and I are in Wellington city in pursuit of this certificate of good conduct. We have already submitted the declaration forms etc but it takes 5 hours for them to get the cert done. Why does it take 5 damn hours to get the cert done? Beats me. I guess it has something to do with getting a certain VIP’s signature on paper.

Anyway, my stay in Wellington has been okay so far. The weather is surprisingly warm but I haven’t been able to loosen up as much. All I think about is our visa application and this certificate we need so badly. Few nights ago, I dreamt that hubby and I missed our flight to Wellington because we got the dates all wrong. Apparently, in this dream, it was all my fault. The moment I woke up, I checked my hand phone to see what day it was. It was Monday. Phew!

Last night, I had another nightmare. It was our appointment day with the consular and we were supposed to meet her at 9.30 am. Things went horribly wrong when the hotel receptionist gave us a wake up call at noon! I was devastated. Thank God it was just a dream.

This visa thing is really driving me nuts. Until I get it done, I don’t think I’ll stop having nightmares. Another 40 minutes before hubby and I can finally get the stupid cert from the high commisioner office. When that happens I think I can relax a little.
Hubby doesn't seem to mind the chaos. At the moment, while I am pouring all my frustrations in this entry, he is enjoying a nap at the hotel's lounge. Nap yang berbunyi ah. Hehehe. I really envy him. I am tempted to wake him up by pinching his nose, but nah, I don't think I'll be cheeky today.

I have 35 more minutes to kill before the cert is done. How time flies when you're blogging! I think I'll end this entry and start packing my stuff now. Wish me luck with the certs! :)


DoRa Priscilla said...

Good luck Lizee! Hope everything will go well with the certs :)

Edith said...

He might be having his nightmare, where the wife has turned to vampire and bite his nose hehe...

Hope you get your certs by now and all the best with the whole process :)

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Klara! Everything's OKAY now :)

Thanks Edith! Hahaha...Jeles ba tu nampak dia tidur siok2. Btw, Ive got my certs now :)

Aemy Shamy said...

so many challenges huh..well, that's life. hehe. good luck yeah :)

Cathj said...

Aduhhhhh....so much work! Apa boleh buat la kan.. Oh ya i am traveling to NZ on january.. For a 2weeks holidy.. What season time tu ah?? Hihi..

Yen said...

leceh bah kan..bureaucracy punya karenah baini..benda simple pun jd susa..bah, sabar seja la lizee.

LaViaP said...

thats not "kenapa tidak check awal2", the way I see it, "kenapa juga korang suka kasi susah hidup student ni", kan? thank god it's a nightmare ho? hehehe

Gunaqz said...

I trust this problem is behind you now? Hmm.. Mcm2 jak ragam berurusan kjaan kan.

chegu carol said...

Fuh, nightmare came knocking again! Nasib everything's ok now.

GeTzzz.... said...

Never knew that applying a visa will be so sophisticated. Well, im sure you managed to get the cert. Anyways, hope evrything went well.
- You really knew how to kill the time within that 5hrs. Clap clap. . .


Lizeewong said...

Aemy- Thanks Aemy! it's all done now :)

Cath-So are you coming to CC? Which part of NZ are you visiting? It'll be summer in January - nice and warm :)

Yen - sabar la ni Yen...kalu ikutkan hati melatup suda..hihi

Paival- Kan?? Betul2 menyusahkan hidup orang. Hai...

Gunaqz- Yes Gunz..it's all behind me. Jara suda oh mau buat visa.

Getzzz-Thanks! Haha..I was bored as hell at that time. Surfing the net made it seem less boring :)

mdevil said...

Hi, I'm a Malaysian postgrad student at Otago and i'm about to have to renew my visa soon. Like you, i just found out that i need a certificate of good conduct from the Malaysian Consular in Wellington!
I was wondering if you can share more of your experience with me. I'm quite nervous about it!
What did you need to fill out and what's the process to get a cert on the same day?