December 13, 2009

Much Ado About Laundry

It amazes me how we produce so much dirty laundry in a week. Ten hours ago, I did 3 loads of laundry at Figlo Laundromat and I had to use 3 washers to accommodate 5 bags of clothes. As I pushed the start button on machine no 3, I realized how much laundry my family and I actually go through in a week.
This laundry thing never really bothered me until our washing machine decided to bonkers a few days ago. The nerve of that evil machine! From the first day we bought it off Trade Me, it has been nothing but trouble. Sure, it's a second hand but the seller said it was mechanically sound. What a rip off!

On first impression, the BOSCH seemed like a very good machine; shiny and neat, no scratches or marks.  Our biggest mistake was not testing the washer on site. It's not that we didn't want to. The thing is, she had already put it out at the front porch when we arrived and in doing so, made it impossible for us to do any testing. The darn machine is extremely heavy and it is really troublesome to move, so there was no way we could connect it to a socket. Against better judgment, we decided to trust her.  

The seller, a  UC student by the name of SOL HEBER  told us that the washer vibrates during the  spin cycle and that it was nothing to be worried about. That was the only flaw she highlighted and she said this in a  very nonchalant way so we didn't expect anything severe. She  never once mentioned about the washing machine's extraordinary abilities.

Now where should I start? Oh, have you seen Transformers? Well, like those robots, my washing machine transforms and comes to life whenever it goes  into spin cycle. It gyrates like a horse riding machine and you can practically sit on it to experience bronc riding in a rodeo. That's not all. The massive shakes can be felt throughout the house and one can really experience an earthquake for five minutes.  If that's not enough, we also also have to put up with the annoying loud noise, which resembles the sound of an airplane taking off. I am not exaggerating. It's the loudest washing machine I have ever encountered.
But that is all over now. The washer has stopped working about a month ago and since then Sunday has officially become my laundry day at laundromat. Sad sad sad.

Now all I want for Christmas is a washing machine. One that works.

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