December 29, 2009

Survival Kits for 2010

I purchased these a few days ago. The pink organizer is meant to help me organize my life in 2010 by showing me stuff I need to do, deadlines to meet and papers to submit. Basically what a normal organizer or PDA would do. You all know that right? Okay spare me the 'duh' look. Anyway, the zodiac bible is crucial too because it tells me how capable I am in doing all the stuff listed in the organizer. Zodiac books are meant to do that. They help us understand our personality and they highlight our strengths, positive attributes and specialties.  Well, even though I don't take in everything the book says, it's fun to read and it can be a good source of motivation. Reading something like this every morning will definitely perk up my day:

You have an incredible power of insight, which you use socially, professionally and ultimately spiritually to obtain higher gifts of nature....You're are determined in life and forceful.....You are able to bewitch people...bla bla bla

You heard that? I mean, you read that? I am able to bewitch people! Who would've thought I had such power! Point is, self-motivation. That's all. Now I'm all geared up for 2010. Bring it on.


chegu carol said...

punya cute your organizer. i was looking for one too here but punya apagon...more than 100bucks bah...tia sanggup pula sa.
so i ended up buying a simple one, so long i can jot down my daily plans :)

Joan said... organizer...i want i want..

Lizeewong said...

ngam ngam ada sale ba tu abis mau hujung tahhun suda. $20 ja.

Joan, if u want sa beli cni pos to u hehehe :)

Anonymous said...

You'll have a fantastic 2010!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Ibrahim! Happy New Year to you :)

Carpe Diem 211 said...

awesome ... can you read for me when is the best date to send in my resume ... ;-)

Lizeewong said...

ernie dear, it says that feb is a good month for us in terms of work and money. But important negotiations happen in june. However, we are most successful in July and August. I quote "This is a time to take those interviews & meet up with those who can help further your professional life." Fingers crossed for both of us :)