December 29, 2009

What needs to be done in 2010

Every year in December, I proclaim my New Year's Resolution for the upcoming year. Last year my New Year's Resolution was to start a blog that I worked on regularly, read more good books and eat more healthily. In addition to that, I also made a dozen of other resolutions which I've forgotten and failed to fulfill. This year, I think I'll do myself a favour and stick to the basic, achievable ones. Here's my top 16 resolutions for 2010.

1. Write at least 1 entry per week in my blog.
2. Write for at least 1 hour everyday, without fail (for my thesis).
3. Lose at least 4.5 kilograms. (The 500gm here makes it more achievable compared to losing 5kg cos 5kg = a small sack of rice)
4. Start using my U-Zap to help speed up no 3.
5. Read at least 1 non-fiction, good book in a month.
6. Reduce time spent on FB.
7. Not to indulge in retail therapy when feeling moody (maybe this one's not so practical).
8. Exercise at least once a week to achieve no 3 (not enough, I know).
9. Be consistent in using all my skincare products, day and night, everyday even when I feel worn out and crappy.
10. Travel to Dunedin, Queenstown and Kaikoura.
11. Reply mails promptly.
12. No more speeding tickets or other traffic offenses.
13. Learn at least 3 new recipes.
14. Eat less chocolate/potato chips/McD/boisenberry-flavoured ice cream and deep fried food
15. Try not to procrastinate. Do stuff on the spot.
16. Laugh more and not sweat over the small stuff.

I guess that's about it. My 16 Resolutions. Now I'm going to print this list and stick it on my fridge. What's your resolution?


chegu carol said...

#15 is gonna be listed on top three of my resolutions. tahap dewa bah my procrastination this...

hmm...i better go and list down mine now :D

Lizeewong said...

Bah kasi list ah, sa mo tgk hehehe

Carpe Diem 211 said...

you sure have a lot lining up for 2010 lizzie ... you have to add one more on the list <<less resolutions for 2011..

by the way, I copying below and adding it on my list ... ;-)

6. Reduce time spent on FB.
15. Try not to procrastinate. Do stuff on the spot.

And now ... let the game begins ....

JIPP said...

good luck Lizee. he he.