April 2, 2010

Something About John and Kathy

Two of our closest friends in Christchurch are John and Kathy. Hubby first met them when they were still working together in a corn pack house in Kaiapoi. That was a year ago. Even though there's a huge age gap between us (Kathy and John are as old as my parents), we get along pretty well.

What I love about this couple is the genuineness of their friendship. They have gone through great lengths to help us and they've been very kind to us. Last weekend, they invited us over for lunch and I managed to take some photos of their unique house.

They live a very simple life on the outskirts of town and their  cute little house is  really a  labour of love. John built it on his own and Kathy did all the interior designing.

Simple from the outside

nice and cosy inside
The dining area. John and Kathy practically celebrate Earth hour everyday cos they use candles for the bedroom, pantry and bathroom. For heating, they use log burners instead of heaters. That light bulb you see is the only one in the house.
The living area
The other side of the living area. The writings on the wall are mostly proverbs, quotations and mottoes.
The bathroom is a work of art. Kathy did all the collage work using various pieces of tiles
The kitchen

Grapevines at the front porch

Hubby taking a bite
They grow their own fruit and vegetables. These were taken from their garden.
John grilling his home-made satay
I really don't know how to end this post. How about John and Kathy, living a simple yet fulfilling life...?Nah. That sounds lame. How about I like spending time with John and Kathy cos they are the closest thing we've got to family....Nah. That screams minta kesian and pity me.  Geeeezzz....This writing block could take days to get over. *scratches head*
How about this? :)


chegu carol said...

wah earth hour every day. itu baru lah. save bil letrik juga oh.

but i like the idea of growing fruit trees around the house. itu grapevine lagi...punya siok mau tingu.

Mrs Graig said...

Hi Liz,
ada bah one sow on TV3 pasal tmpt tngl d pedalaman area ni so so far away from bandar besar ni..hubby said"syok oo tngl tmpt begini"...and I was like...huh?...Simply replied him"sya tia sanggup"...LOL

btw,salute la JnK..yg penting bahagia :)

JIPP said...

Earth Hour everyday.. cool.. :-)

Lizeewong said...

Kay - Iya ba. Dorang punya electricity bill around $30-$40 saja per month.

Mrs Craig- Sia pun nda sanggup! Hehehe..Tapi siok la tgk dorang mcm enjoy saja ni.

Jipp- Cool kan? Not many people can do it :)

issa said...

thanks for visiting my blogs. i love the photos .. happy easter!:)

Mimi said...

Wow! I salute this your friends for doing what they do.. It sounds simple but you are right, not many people can do it.. Kalau Malaysia sejuk, saya pun mau buat macam tu.. hehe

Lizeewong said...

Issa - Thanks for the visit. Happy Easter to you too.

Mimi - Iya...kalu mcm di kundasang sijuk2, buli la juga :)

ilovepink1078 said...

Hi, Liz!
How lovely that couple living in simple yet productive and inspiring one.

In building good habits, one builds a good life.


Lizeewong said...

Hi Pink - Indeed. They are really setting a good example for everyone :)

Paula said...

Hi, Checking links from BC Bloggers. If all things are ironed out you will hear from me tomorrow. Thanks for putting the badge. :)
Nice pictures you have here.
Mommy Diary
Paula's Place
WAHM sa Pinas

Anonymous said...

wow! tu grape btl2 ka tue? how nice if can tanam grape sini KK...tia payah p kadai beli oo...the bathroom wall is indeed very unique!

Lizeewong said...

Erin - betul la tu tapi bukan semua manis. Ada juga yg masam hehe..

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

oh my! what a lovely house. i like the bathroom n living area the most!

Lizeewong said...

Mandak- Kalau dr luar kan, mcm biasa2 ja...I love the bathroom too :)