April 9, 2010

What's In A Cert?

On Wednesday night before I went to bed, I made a mental must-do list for the next day. In it were my daily routine, the errands I needed to run and most importantly, Vava's passport application. I knew it was going to be a hectic day, so to get myself organised, I went through the details in the list - 1. Wake up early 2. Get ready 3. Feed the kids 4. Send them to daycare 5. Photocopy documents 6. Get Bank Cheque 7. Collect Vava's passport photo 8.Go the Malaysian Consulate office. and 9. Post application! That was the plan. 

Yesterday, I woke up early as prophesied but on the wrong side of the bed. I was troubled by an unpleasant, vivid dream. In the dream, hubby and I were in the car in front of Bush Inn shopping mall. Strangely, I was behind the wheel, not hubby. I began to reverse the car out of the parking space when out of nowhere, a blue convertible appeared behind us. I quickly stepped on the brakes but weirdly, our car didn't stop. I found myself ramming into the blue convertible instead. BAM! After the damage was done, hubby turned to me and said "Dear, tu insurance kreta mati suda kan?". Then I woke up. Crap! I had an accident.

In reality, our policy lapsed 6 months ago (go on, gasp all you want). Thanks to the dream, I finally came to my senses and renewed it yesterday. Phew!

So. Back to the story. I spent half of my morning doing no 1 - 5 plus the insurance renewal thingy. Everything went well. The weather was fine, the traffic was light, the people I liased with were helpful and everything just seemed to fall into place. By 11 am, I had everything ready and got to the Malaysian Consulate office. I was so eager to get it done cos without the passport, we can't get home in July. Unless of course we leave Vava to fend for herself.

So. I finally got to the office and was greeted by a pretty lady at the counter. 

Lady: Good morning
Me: Good morning...I'm here to make an application for Malaysian passport..it's for my daughter.
Lady: Is your daughter with you? (I thought she meant in NZ)
Me: Yes..She stays with me.
Lady: I mean is she with you right now? (Cubuk behind me)
Me: No..She's at daycare.
Lady: You need to bring her along so we can see her. We need to get her thumb print as well.
Me: Ahh..Ok...I'll be back shortly!

As I was about to leave, the lady asked me

Lady: By the way, how old is your daughter?
Me: 9 months
Lady: Oh. Sorry to tell you this but you can't do it here. You need to go to the High Commissioner in Wellington to get this done.
Me: .....(a moment of silence) Wellington? I need to go to Wellington with my baby? WELLINGTON?!
Lady: Yes. You need to take your baby with you because they would need to see her.
Me: Why??
Lady: I don't know why but it's part of the regulations.
Me: Can't I just post the forms? I have to go to Wellington with my baby? Wellington? OMG. (I kept repeating myself  cos the shock made me daft)
Lady: Yes...I hate telling people this and I understand how hard it is for people to.....(her voice trailed off, I wasn't paying attention anymore)
Me: I mean, all the way to Wellington?
Lady: I suggest you contact the High Commissioner office to get a better idea of the situation. Ok? Now is there anything else? (Her expression spells: Kenapa ba dia ni nda faham faham???)
Me: No...Thank you...

After the above incident, all nice wonderful thoughts I had earlier came to a screeching halt. Like brek mati.

I called the High Commisioner to get a clearer picture of the procedure and was told the same thing. This frustrated me cos I thought about the cost of the air tickets, transportation and hotel. More money coming out! But it's not like we have a choice. In order to get Vava's passport done, she needs to have a Malaysian birth certificate first. NZ birth cert is unacceptable. That's the reason why we need to go there physically.

Since it is quite costly for all of us to travel, hubby and Alden might have to stay behind. That's Plan A, which I am not fond of. Plan B? All of us go together, get Vava's cert, stay for a week at a 5-star hotel and go sightseeing. Of course Plan B can only be executed if we win the 8-million-dollar lottery tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Caroline said...

i can just imagine your face when she told you.. you're like a goldfish out of water.. gasping and trying to understand.. nda paham paham bah..

the other alternative.. take a week off, drive over there! like a holiday also bah.. Kaikoura coast is magnificent.. and the ferry crossing is fantastic. You have to try it.

Caroline said...

plus ur car insurance sudah renew kan? kekekekekekeke

Mimi said...

Look at it in a positive way.. Maybe it's a good way to kasi biasa Vava with travelling before a long one in July, kan? Of course, I'm assuming she has never traveled in a plane before. Good luck moi! I'm sure you'll figure something out soon.

chegu carol said...

6 months?! hehehe...buli tahan.

ya, perhaps driving to wellington might be a good idea (not that i know how far wellington is from your place). and since you have one month off from your project paper, why not kan?

JIPP said...

wahhh, dont they have any other way to make things easier for you? Oh well, look at it as a vacation then.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lizzie thanks for commenting on my webbie ya.. As for your VaVa passport.. hmmm normally like that when sampai urusan kerajaan.. ada sajaaaaaaa yg halang apa yg kita mau buat.. so go on to wellinton anggap seja pigi hols.. hahahah

Lizeewong said...

Carol - Takazut ba tu hehe :) Hmm..we are planning to go to Kaikoura but nda sampai Picton la.

Mimi- Ya moi! There must be something positive bout this trip ba kan? Manatau ada SALE dekat tu high commissioner office...hehe...As for Vava, it'll be her second time on a plane so ngam la kasi practice dia

Kay-Iya..6 months hehe...Sa tukar address ba tu jd lama nda dpt surat..Terus nohivan

Jipp-Ya ba..bikin malas...so complicated

Lynne-Memang pun byk karenah ni...Hai..Maybe 1 day trip ja ni..Nda dpt vacation hehe :)

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

sorry to hear that. beuracracy hassles is one of the biggest pain in the butt kan..

CoLine said...

aww...what a bummer...somebody told me that here in Philippines, if you want to ruin your day, all you have to do is go to government offices, they give you a lot of inconveniences :(