February 16, 2011

Show and Tell

My Valentine’s Day started off as most days in my life, hectic and uninteresting. I woke up at 7.00 a.m., jumped out of bed and dashed to the bathroom. After getting dressed, I began preparing the kids for school: fed them breakfast, got them dressed and packed their lunchbox. At 8.15. we were set to go.

When I opened the front door, this is what I saw.

I had totally forgotten about my landlord's message: Construction work starts Monday. The driveway's a mess now, with sands all over the front porch and we can't even park the car at the front yard. Not anybody's fault but I was annoyed nonetheless.

After dropping the kids off at school, I walked to my office hurriedly. I reached the lobby, avoided looking at the elevator and quickly took the stairs to the fifth floor. Although I've been doing this for weeks now, it hasn't turned into a habit yet. Every now and then I still have the urge to take the lift.

I got to my office a minute later and quickly opened the door to let myself in. I was now in my comfort zone. It's all peace and quiet and the Force was definitely with me. Ahhhh..I could finally write that story for Yoda. That's what I did for the next couple of hours. I wrote and wrote like there was no tomorrow.

Tick Tock Tick Tock. Five hours later, my time was up. All writing ceased because it was time to pick up the Vava and Alden from school. Just when I was starting to get all fired up, time ran out on me. I went to get the kids, shoved them in the car and drove home. After feeding them, I called my sister to wish her Happy Valentine's Day. I had ordered some cupcakes for her, intending it to be from someone anonymous (konon) but the moment she saw Carol delivering it, she knew it was from me. So my prank didn't work. But anyway, she loved the cupcakes.

I came up with the design :)

Don't you just love the boobs?
At 3.00 pm while I was still chatting with sis, I got a surprise visit from my cousin and her family. I was mortified to see them cos the house was a total mess. I mean in a pig-sty kind of way. Food crumbs on the floor, toys everywhere, dirty laundry on the couch and oh, Alden was running around naked. In panic, I just dumped everything in the bedroom. Phew!

Soonafter they arrived, hubby got home from work. I was so happy to see him cos he's a better host than me. My cousin suggested that we all have dinner together and since hubby hasn't told me his plans for the evening, I thought why not. So we went to the New Century restaurant at Church Corner, Riccarton. The food was great but I didn't enjoy myself. Alden was cranky the whole night and I was busy getting him to behave. Plus, my cousin brought along this loud, annoying friend who talked about "good parenting" whenever Alden threw tantrums at the table. He made it sound like we were doing it all wrong. Hubby doesn't understand Hakka so he was oblivious to the mean-spirited comments. I kept my cool cos I respect old people, even obnoxious, overbearing ones.

After the unpleasant dinner, we bade them goodbye and headed home. I was soooooo exhausted. What a boring Valentine, I reflected. I thought about how hubby and I used to celebrate Valentine's Day back when we were in KK. We'd dump Alden at my parents' house and have a date night together. Just the two of us. How I missed those times.

That night, I went to bed sulking. When hubby said he had a surprise for me, I wasn't interested. Now a surprise? I didn't feel like doing any cocurricular actvity whatsoever, ahem, if you know what I mean. So I closed my eyes and play dead. Hubby kept quiet and kissed me goodnight.

The next morning, I woke up at 7.00 to the sound of Alden crying. I went to the kitchen to get him a bottle of milk but found this instead.

Aww...he did have a surprise for me!! My heart flip flopped in glee as I reached for the bouquet on the table. Now I remember why I'm crazy about him! I love you dear. Smooch smooch.

Okay, you can stop gagging now. I got a bit carried away there.

Anyway, the connotation behind my long-winded post is that most women want to be loved and to be shown love on Valentine's Day. Sometimes, telling ain't enough, you gotta show it. 


CathJ said...

Amen Liz!!! Amen!!! Amen for the last part... word is just don't enough.. you must show it.... hahahhaha... some people will deny that.. but deep in their heart it was so true..

and regarding about the loud guest.. hihihi... sorry to say... saya paling anti lah org mcm tu.. hihihi... But I am good with pretending, pura2 angguk to what they said... kalau kena 1 of my sister.. uhhh... pasti ada perang mulut... hahahhaha... I got 1 sister yg terus terang bagusss punya... hahaha..

and who doesn't love flowers... I never bored on flowers.. I heran some ladies will remind their spouse not to buy flowers for them... hihihi... but lain org lain feel kan..

Lizeewong said...

Iya ba Cath, that guy was so annoying! Sikit lagi sia malatup tp sia tahan2 sj

High 5 Cath! I'm never bored of flowers too ^__^
Maybe org yg nda suka flowers suka practical stuff...mcm blender, food processor, massager kannnn? Hehehe

debrajill said...

hahahaha~ the cupcakes are so cute!!!

I loves flower too!! but being fredo,,hhahaha.i know he is hopeless in romantic stuff..jadi have to suck it in saja! hahahaha..

Happy Valentine's day kak!

Lizeewong said...

Hi Debs..crazy kan the cupcakes! I thought of asking Carol buat Vajayjay punya design but takut c Cha2 pengsan LOL!

Fredo lg romantic ba..Your name kena tatoo besar2 on his back... mine kici ja. U win! hihihi

Mimi said...

Wah.. Alex is so sweet for giving you those bouquet.. He wanted you to see it the night before ka?

I'd sulk too if I were you.. What's with parenting advices & comments? I think it's rude.

Love the cuppies! Happy valentine's day! Much love!

Lizeewong said...

Hi Mi..ya ba..he wanted me to see after the kids fell asleep but I was drained suda by that time..Panat ba...:)

The guy memang mcm tai you know..malas sia..Anyway, Happy V day to you too moi!

Mell_f said...

Agree with the last part, mau copy la kasi hubby tgk haha :D.

Those cupcakes are cute! sayangnya mau makan the boobs and the heels :D

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Amen to that sista! pura2 tidur ah...hahaa...btw, LOVE the booby cupcakes!

chegu carol said...

OMG! Play dead terus! Adeiii...but so sweet of Alex to at least give you flowers. Nanti, i wana tell Alvin about this...tapi kan, on v-day itself, memang kami dua2 lupa mau wish each other ni. When i asked him the next day why he didnt wish me on V-day, dia ungkit balik why I didn't. Cis, kena sendiri balik.

karulann said...

LOL.... I love the very last paragraph... The summary of it all :)

gunsirit said...

Hmmm...romantic couple, Happy Valentine's Day. :=}

Tina said...

Enjoyed this post, Lizee. About the cupcakes.. boobs you say? I thought there were eyes esp with the gash of red for lipstick, until I came to the word 'boobs'! (Like The Simpsons punya mata bah!)

Your hubby macam sia lah.. the in-laws can talk Hakka till the cows come home, I tak kisah. But I do get upset when they say negative things about me and my kids.

Good to get flowers for V Day.. and other days for no reason at all. I'll pengsan if I get any from Mr. Hubby.:-(

Nice to know you've conquered your writer's block!

Lizeewong said...

Mel-Hi 5 dulu hehe..Ko punya Valentine dinner lg syiok ba moi :)

Manda - Haha..Jahat kan me. XD

Kay- Merajuk ba tu hehe..Kamu lagi lucu..Dua2 lupa XD But anyway, you two syiok can go out on a date night anytime :D

Karul-Thanks moi :D

Guns - Happy Valentine's day to you too :))

Tina - Thanks :) Haha..Boobs la ba tu..Gazo kan?
My hubby doesn't like it too and you know how you can tell when someone's saying bad things about you kan, even when it's not in your language...

Ya? Like my dad la..He doesn't buy flowers for mom :(

Anyway, you're right on that one. Getting flowers on any other day would be awesome too :)

Vera Peter @ Princess Becky said...

nice story and agree on the last part...happy belated V-day lizee! :)

Dee Loner said...

hahahahha.. such sweetness!!! lovely bouquet!..
maybe it's too late to say this, but I'd like to wish you a very happy valentine, Lizee..

Miss you in blogsphere.. now only here again.haha

Lizeewong said...

Hi Vera. Welcome to this site and happy belated V day to you :)

Hi Dee...haven't heard from u for quite some time...Was in ur site last week..ur LA trip looks awesome!