February 22, 2011

When Yoda say Jump! I say how high?

I have a cofession to make.

I am terrified of public speaking. The reason why I attend conferences and subject myself to this torture is to travel, get goody bags and shop. That's my motivation. If you can't get any of that, why bother right? Okay, okay..so maybe that's just me. 

Anyway,  two weeks ago, I received a call for papers for a conference organised by my Dean and Yoda, and  I thought, Nah! I think I'll pass. Yoda won't miss me.

Wrong. Yoda wanted me to present. He made that clear when he came to my office to see Kusai last week.  FYI, Kusai is Yoda's favourite apprentice. 

So we were all in the office right; me sitting quietly at my desk, minding my own business, Yoda and Kusai busy talking about his research development. How far he has gone, conferences he's attending blah blah blah. Then the moment came when Kusai showed his abstract to Yoda, to which Yoda delightfully approved. "Well done Kusai! Well done!".

And then out of the blue Yoda said "How about you Alice? Would you like to discuss your abstract today?"

And my mind was going like, WHAT ABSTRACT??? I never said anything about writing an abstract. I have the analysis to worry about!

So I said calmly "No, I've been busy with the analysis...I don't even know if I'm presenting cos there's still so much to do...

Yoda: But of course. The analysis comes first...Next week then? Send it through when it's done.

Me: O-kay...
Yoda: I'll be away on Monday but if you send it through on Tuesday, I can have a read and get back to you on Wednesday.  

Me: Aha...

Yoda: Once you're happy with it, send a copy to Kirsty and do the registration online. 

Me: Right
Yoda: Great! Well done you two!

So. That's how I ended up being one of the presenters today. It's happening in less than 3 hours. ONE TWO THREE hours from now! Yoda's going to be there, watching me and so is the Dean and some guest speakers from other universities. It's going to be soooooo exciting!

Because I do not want to embarass myself and Yoda, I've prepared a script for my presentation. I normally don't do this, but for Yoda, I'll make an effort.

So I think I'm going to be okay. I just hope I don't hyperventilate when the time comes. Fingers crossed.


chegu carol said...

You will do just fine Liz. Im sure you will.

Iyuk said...

Hopefully it went well..

CathJ said...

All the best.. ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ada cue lagi tu bila mau pause and do hand gesture...hehe. but if it helps,why not kan? but isnt fear of public speaking ironic as a teacher? or is it the audience-kalo budak2, nda kisah...

gunsirit said...

I thought you were mentioning about the Yoda of Star wars...:)

LaViaP said...

can yo be my script writer? hehehe

Lizeewong said...

Hi everyone. As you know, the presentation never materialsed. Now there are bigger things to worry about. Thanks for the encouragement.

Amanda- Yes..it's the audience. I've no problem teaching in class cos students are harmless but audience in a conference can really be a pain. Esp those with destructive ctricism :)

Paival- I'd be happy too. Seriously :)