February 23, 2011

State of Emergency - Day 2

I woke up at 6.30 a.m. today. It was a sleepless night for me cos we had regular aftershocks happening at short intervals. I don't think anyone could sleep well last night. I know we've faced so many aftershocks before, but  the ones that followed yesterday's big quake were clearly bigger, more aggresive and varied in terms of rhythm. That's probably not the best description for the nature of an aftershock but that's how I'd describe the variety of shakes we've had. 

All the local news network are featuring the latest updates on the quake and we get live on-site coverage 24/7. Although things are a bit better today with successful rescues being reported, many are still missing. Their loved ones are still waiting at the site, crying and hoping for some kind of miracle. It's just sad. Apart from the city centre, people in the East side suburbs like Avonside, Bromley and Sumner are also affected. There's no power and water. The liquefaction at those area is so bad, the roads are flooded. Lyttleton port is practically unliveable cos lots of houses are damaged. That's where the quake originated from. 

We are staying in a suburb only 7km from the city and yet we've been spared from all of this. So far we still have power and water, and there's been no sign of liquefaction. We are indeed very fortunate. I feel blessed for having the luxury to continue living in a state of normality when so many others are going without basic necessities. I feel so sorry for them especially those who've lost so much. Search and rescue operations are still on-going but not all victims can be saved. That's just one of the many despairing news you see on TV. 

Source: YahooXtraNews

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Despite the tragedy, we were told to remain calm and keep each other safe. The first thing we needed to do was to get food supply. We were running out of bread, milk and meat so we decided to get some grocery at a supermarket in Hornby. Since the car was low on petrol, we had to find a gas station first. We went for a drive in search of one but most were still closed. After 15 minutes of driving, we finally found one in Riccarton. It was jam-packed.

The supermarket in Hornby was packed as well. I think people started panicking after the PM declared National state of emergency. This is the first time in NZ's history. Seeing how people were reacting, we got worried too so we bought lots and lots food supply. Enough to last us for weeks. Unfortunately, not all of the items were available. Bread and candles were sold out so we had to go to another store in Riccarton.

At the Riccartion store, the crowd was massive. They've set a purchasing limit for certain kinds food items like milk, bread, water and juice. Only 2 per peron. Paying was a pain too cos the queue was so long.

In the streets, it was a warzone. There were collapsed buildings, broken glass on the road, safety fence everywhere and army tanks. I think we saw nine tanks in total.

And that's how it is right now. Uncertainty prevails, with aftershocks hitting every hour but I guess we just have to deal with it. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. I really appreciate it.


CathJ said...

Oh gosh.. Me myself never felt anything like this.. I am sure you will have a hard time to sleep. anyway.. thank you for the real life updates.. so relief to know that you all are ok.. but quite sad to see a lot of things run out in the market.. and thank God you all still have electricity and water... at least water...

take care Liz..

Mimi said...

When I saw the news, my thoughts went to you & family.. I'm glad to learn you are safe. Take good care moi..

Joan said...

yeah, when I heard the news on TV. terus ni teringat ada kawan juga stay in NZ.

its good to know you and your family are safe. hopefully everything will be alright.

take care..

Tina said...

Even watching the news is scary, Lizee. I can't imagine what it's like to be in the midst of an earthquake. Kesian you all. Just hope the worst is over. Take care!

Lisa said...

i am happy that you and ur family are ok lizee ... my thoughts are with you and hope that things will get better soon .. stay strong ok ..

Lizeewong said...

Cath-People are panicking cos we might need to stay indoors for weeks. Ada curfew suda sekrg. But we are doing well. Thanks moi.

Mimi-We are doing well moi. Thanks for your concern.

Joan and Tina - Thanks ladies. Don't know whether the worst is over but things seem to be looking up today. At least there's sunshine.

Lisa- hi dear. I'm sure things will get better.It'll take some before things get back to normal but I believe it will.

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

OMG! when I saw the news, I thought of you! Hope, things are ok with you and your family amidst the chaos. I'm just relieved that you're safe. Keep us posted kio moi..

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Wow. Just like in those disaster movies :(.Hold on tight babe.

AnnieMing said...

Oh no. Teruk juga effect dia tu oh kan.. Take care ya..

Lizeewong said...

Ennie - Thanks moi. We're fine just bracing ourselves for the aftershocks.

Manda - Ya ba..Exactly like those movies, only worse. Thanks.

Annie - Thanks moi. Sia jaga anak saja ni sekarang :)

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