August 8, 2011

The Princess Who Rocks My World

Dearest Alva

Six weeks ago, I took out your old photos taken on the morning of 26 June 2009. Looking at these pictures, I ended up reminiscing the moments we spent at the hospital, minutes after you were born. What I remember most was watching you  sleep on my chest with your belly against me, looking so tiny and adorably fragile. I was so in awe of you.

That was 25 months and 12 days ago. It's crazy how time flies huh?

Anyway, shortly after your birthday, I discovered that “The Terrible Twos” theory doesn't exist. I have braced myself for the horror to happen but it never did. Instead of turning into one of those scary toddlers in Super Nanny,  you  have continued to behave like an angel. You don't throw tantrums or yell or run amok in shopping malls. Alden does all that.

From the day you were born, you've always been a perfect baby who does everything by the book. You turned over at 6 months, crawled at 8 months and started walking when you turned 1. Your best achievement so far is your speech. You started saying words like Mama, Dada, Yes, No, Car, There, Nenen and many more at 11 months. Now at two, your vocabulary size has multiplied.
8 months old
Apart from answering questions and voicing out your thoughts, you can easily carry out a simple conversation. This one transpired a few weeks ago when the two of us were spending time together.

Alva: Mummy....

Mummy: Yes?

Alva: You put-put? (put-put= fart/ farted)

Mummy: NO!! Not me.

Alva: Eee..SMELLY! Mummy put-put!! (smiling)

Mummy: Ok la..ok la...mummy put-put. Hehehe.

Alva: You naughty girl! Say kius me mummy! Say kius me!

Mummy: Excuse me.

Too bad Alden wasn't there to take the blame.

You know, whenever we go out together, people would ask me how old you are and whether you could talk. I like this a lot cos I get the chance to show people what an awesome baby you are. Unfortunately, you never help me on this. It is as though you resent the idea of mummy showing off. You never respond to questions and you're always silent when I ask you to talk. Why Alva? Why?? Do you know that because of your silence, no one ever believes me?

We should really work on your PR skills.

Talking about skills, I noticed that you have a keen interest in drawing. Everyday, you'd sit for at least 30 minutes to sketch on your doodling board. Objects you enjoy sketching include grapes, banana, spiders, apples and circles. You have actually drawn heaps of stuff but those are the only ones I recognised. Apart from sketching, your other hobbies include playing with make-up, singing, watching me do the laundry and pretending to read out loud.

That's your version of a banana

Your relationship with your brother has also improved. Yes. There are still lots of fights between you two but at the end of the day, you'd kiss and make up. Because you spend most of your time with him, you like to mimic every little thing he does. In fact, you learned most of your new motor skills from him. You know, stuff like table-climbing, pillow-fighting, drumming,  hair-pulling and jumping off couch. Thanks to these the hands-on tutorials, you have become more independent and you are now able to defend yourself from Alden. At times, you can even make him cry.

Unlike your brother, who is very picky with food, you consume anything I give you. You eat prawns, chicken, beef, noodles, hinava, rice, lamb, pasta, curry etc. There is no limit to what you can eat. Because of your flexibility, I have no trouble feeding you. It's really a blessing cos I don't think I can handle two picky eaters at the same time.

In terms of personality, you are very maternal and caring. I remember having gastric attack a few weeks ago and was curled up on the couch in pain. When you saw me, you came to caress my forehead and said “Pain mummy?”. That was really sweet. At such a young age, you can sense when I’m angry, happy or sad. This caring trait of yours will come in handy when you become a plastic surgeon in the future. I'm not pressuring you or anything. I'm just thinking what's best for you :)

You and I share a special bond together. The way you open up to me is amazing and I think your dad is a bit envious of our relationship. You always favour me over him. For e.g. you’d give me kisses without being asked to and you’d continue doing it until I kiss you back. Your dad gets a different treatment. You only kiss him when he begs you to. I know you adore me more than him but try not to be so obvious okay?

So. What's my favourite part of the day when it comes to you?

It is seeing you wake up in the morning all happy and excited. You'll say Morning mummy!! Yay! Look, sunny day!! Vava want nenen!! When I do give you nenen, you'd smile your biggest smile and give me a warm cuddle. The feeling I get when we cuddle is like eating a mouthful of banana-chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. I get a rush of endorphins in my head and a feeling of euphoria akin to having a retail therapy. It is an awesome, awesome feeling. It is when we cuddle that I see what's important in my life and why I do the things I do.

You don't know it yet, but you have the power to bring out the best in me.


What else can I say? You are everything I ever wished for in a daughter: Angelic, smart, adorable, bubbly, kind and loving. I am truly blessed to have you.




CathJ said...

Happy Birthday to your little princess... she so adorable! ^_^

adui.. You are so complete.. 1 pair.. ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

u're gonna have two plastic surgeons! *envy*

Lizeewong said...

Cath - Thanks moi. Ya, for the time being cukupla ni 1 pair ^__^

Manda - LOL!!! Hehehe Haraplah..I know they'll have a mind of their own when they grow up but I'm hoping they'll take my advice :P

Jj said...

so sweet....very adorable oo c alva....

Aemy Shamy said...

Awwww this is sweet! As sweet as you wrote about Alden ^^
Alva's such a sweet girl. So lucky of you that you got a pair of sweethearts who rock your world! ^^

debrajill said...

awww..vava so big already! waaaa so nice~ she look very quai..yes very angelic indeed! andrea is totaly the opposite..cheeky like mita, and both of them is VERY ACTIVE!! but luckily both of them girls so they just be play ACTIVELY together..its been so long since I see them, vava and den2.cant wait to see them~

Lizeewong said...

JJ- Thanks moi :))

Aemy - Thanks dear! I am very lucky indeed. Alden drives me nuts but Alva calms me down.Hehe. Perfect balance :)

Deb-Ala, mita and andrea are not as cheeky as Alden bah. Alden's cheekiness is out of this world. I think that's why God granted me with a kuai 2nd baby. Hehe. Kalau nda pengsan oh Deb.I miss your little ones too. REally want to see Derek Alver in person. NEXT year k?

~KLaRaPaRiS~ said...

so sweet :') Happy birthday Alva!

Lizeewong said...

Hi Dora! Thanks for the visit and the birthday wish ^_^

Cheall Hiew said... sweet oh si Alva..
regard to ingkung Alex kio..
nice blog;))

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Cheall! Will pass the message to hubby. Btw, pangkat ingkung ka dia??? OMG. Jgn saja ko panggil sia nenek la ah...Hahaha.

Tina said...

A beautiful letter to an adorable daughter! Enjoy your kids, Lizee! They grow up too fast. Before you know it, you'll have a plastic surgeon in the house!

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Tina! YEah, they grow up really fast! Sometimes I feel like freezing time esp with Alva cos she's at a phase where everything she does is adorable :)