October 17, 2011


Dad and sis left Christchurch at 1.00 am today. Although I know it won’t be long before we are reunited again, the separation feels unbearable right now. It wasn’t so bad when mom left in July cos I knew dad was coming over for a visit. True enough, when dad came in August, I was back to feeling high.

The whole time he was here, it felt like I was back at home. It has nothing to do with the home cooked meals I had every day. Rather, it's the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when he's around. I have hubby and the kids with me 24/7 but from time to time, I miss being with my family.

When sis, Carol and her mum came over to join dad in September, I was ecstatic. Sis and I were both so psyched about this trip cos we've been talking about it for months. Although she only stayed for 3 weeks, we had an awesome time catching up. What I enjoyed most was having our midnight chats, talking about our childhood and just goofing around with the kids. She’s only been gone for 17 hours but already I’m missing her.

These are some of the pictures I was looking at while trying to pull my heart out of this gloomy state. They were all taken yesterday while we were at John and Kathy’s for lunch.

There’s a huge contrast between what I felt yesterday and today. Funny how I get to experience the same emotion every year. I cried when Alden, hubby and I left for Christchurch in 2008. In 2009, I cried when my family went back home after staying with us for a month. In 2010, the same thing happened when I had to return to CC after spending two months in KK. And then there was last night. It was so sad saying goodbye to dad, sis and Carol. I really felt like asking sis to stay for a while longer. 

Last night's farewell is probably the saddest I've ever felt. But never mind. I'll recover from this momentary depression sometime soon, if not later.


debrajill said...

Oww, kak..it must be sad ya to be apart~ dont be kak~ you must enjoy while you are there cause not long you will be back for good here ya..hehe..I always wish i can go somewhere like there~ like maybe Australia.hehe..it must be nice~ but for now no la..hehehe.the anaks still small~ One day perhaps~ hehe

Isabel said...

Hope you'll feel better soon sis. You'll be coming back here soon kan? Cepat tu masa berlalu.:)

Caroline said...

Malas betul kan ni goodbye thingy? Hai.. life gini lah.. but time flies tu, soon you'll be packing up and coming home for good! Capat capat habis k? :)

DoRa Priscilla said...

Lizee, don't say "good bye" say "see you soon" instead =D it is way better than good bye ;) don't you think so?

Mimi said...

Oh.. i get how you feel. I have the same feeling everytime I leave KK. Soon you'll be coming back to KK for good, so sabar ja dulu ah? Btw, I met Bibing at my cousin's party the other day!

Lizeewong said...

Debra- ya ba, nda lama lg kan. It's lovely here, just that I feel homesick sometimes. Anyway, I was feeling a bit down when I wrote this.

Buli ba tu u and fredo go on a trip to Aussie. Ada AA kan? Ramai2 kami jaga the kids nanti.

Isabel- Iya bel..Cepat saja tu kan? Sabar2 la dulu ni. Thanks.

Carol- It's the part I hate/dread most. Yesterday ramai2 suddenly today, kamu hilang so the house feels a bit different. It's back to being a family of 4. Full blast la ni mau kasi siap.

Klara- Yeah, you're right. Should've said see you soon. At least optimistic bunyi dia kan? :) Thanks.

Mimi- Yep. There's nothing much I can do but sabar and do my work. Thanks :) Oh Bibing is still in KK? Macam few times suda dia balik kan

GeTzzz.... said...

Awww, it is sad when you now you're hundreds of miles from home. And having those comfort zone days with the family sure will make the tears roll down when they had to say gudbye in the end.
Everyone has that, LIZEE! Even if my significant other goes for outstaion to KL, there's sure a sting to the heart when i had to say gudbye. Itu baru di Malaysia. hehehehe
*Your feelings will get adapted soon without them there. Patient LIZ. Cepat2lah u buat tu thesis. hehhe. chayoo2!!

Aemy Shamy said...

hey don't be sad....but i know that feeling..it's okay, time will heal..soon you're coming back right? chill k :)

chegu carol said...

Kena lah sia jackpot supaya sia buli pigi holiday 1 bulan di NZ and then buli kasi ramai2 sana rumah ko lagi. Aiseh! hahaha...beli tiket pun malas, ada hati mo kena jekpot.

Anyways, tidak lama lagi Liz, tidak lama lagi :)

Lizeewong said...

Hey Getzz..You are right about them being my comfort zone. That's what I miss most. Thanks for the chayo chayo :) Am trying to finish as fast as I can :)

Aemy- Hi dear! I'm feeling so much better now. :) Thanks.

Kay- Kalau kau betul2 menang Kay, sia suru ko kasi kawan sia sampai sia abis ni hehehe. Anyway, as you said, nda lama lagi ba kan. Can't play around anymore. Have to get things done asap :)

karulann said...

The goodbye at the airport is the worst part isn't it. Thanks goodness I'm finally back here in KK for good.

Enniebelle said...

There's no way getting around it, I supposed. Yang meninggalkan rasa sedih, begitu juga la yg ditinggalkan. But, the depression will ends, all in good times. :)

Lizeewong said...

karulann- Yes, airport goodbyes are the most depressing. But it's oklah..I'm back to my busy, chaotic, student life :)

Ennie-Thanks moi! All in good time right :)