December 10, 2011

Friday Fingers: Aqua Green Gradient

I did this in less than 20 minutes.....

My favourite FF design so far :)


chegu carol said...

Cantik Liz! Ngam lagi for Christmas kan??? Ya, sia pun suka betul my FF design this week. I love how the colors ada 3 different colors but the difference is very subtle that u dont realize it till you really look at it. Thought of doing the same thing again but with black and gold.

Lizeewong said...

Thanks! Mula2 sia ingat susah but after reading your tutorial post and giving it a try, terus sia rasa senang! I love the 3-colour combo too :) Black and gold will be stunning! I'd like to try silver and purple :)

Aemy Shamy said...

seeing your nails reminds me of a mermaid..hehehe ;)
so beautiful!!!!! ^^

Edith said...

Sia pun suka the theme. Ngam tul time christmas ni.

The "bling-bling" looks like a raindrop which is so nice looking on top of the aqua green. Love it!

Joan said...

gradient technique is the best! i like it very much too. gonna do one for christmas la ni..

CathJ said...

Terror ohhhhhh...... :)

Armstrong said...

Less than 20 minutes? Your right hand is Flash's hand to be able to paint your left fingers so fast. Hahaa jk.

I dunno exactly how long does one paint nails. But to my experience, every time I see a lady paint her nails, I feel like it's forever. wakakaa.

Happy Wednesday, Lizee.

Don't forget to join my post ya. Kalo mo la hehee. Up to you ya.

Happy midnight!

Lizeewong said...

Aemy- Mermaid? Ya kan..didn't see it that way! You're always so perceptive :))

Edith - senang kan dith? Sa pun suka betul!

Joan- Ya! same here. Never knew it could be this easy!

Cath - Easy peasy betul ni Cath! Cuba mai ko try :)

Arms- This one's easy ba Arms...REALLY! Other designs take me hours, as you'd expect hehehe.

Am joining your tag but I haven't found a decent photo that has both Alva and Alden in it. Mau kurik lagi ni