December 3, 2011

Friday Fingers: Inspired by Design

Bida, but I am too exhausted to try another design. I'll do better next week :)


chegu carol said...

But I still like it Liz! That's not easy to do you know especially waiting for the drying part and avoiding the other color get in the way with the rest of the colors. Well done!

Edith said...

Wah, susahnya ko pnya inspiration ni Liz. And you managed to do it quite well. Klau sia tu mgkn sa sdh quit & cari design lain.

Klau pakai teknik marble lawa mgknkan:)

Lizeewong said...

Kay- Thanks..But sia tension betul masa buat ni hehehe..I think as Edith said, kalau pakai water marbling technique lawa ni.

Edith-Thanks :) Comot ba ni tp sia malas betul suda mau redo :) The one you did looked really nice!