February 11, 2009

An Apple a day keeps the blues away

It’s amazing what an Apple computer can do to a hormonal, snappish, unmotivated pregnant woman. Yes, I’m still hormonal with zits popping out on my chin, but my mood has dramatically improved the moment I got my PC!

I won’t go into the details of my new Apple or how it felt like love-at-first-sight the second I touched the keyboards. Let’s just say, it has made me a better student, a better mother and a better wife. Now, you might be raising an eyebrow, asking “come on, what has a pc got to do with you being a better mother?” right? Well, allow me to explain.

With my new Apple, I have a reason to go to campus and do work in my office. I feel like a real student now, being more productive, reading more and participating in academic discussions, just like the models in this prospectus here (btw, notice anyone familiar? someone with a pony tail maybe? Hehe...

Having my own pc and being in this work-condusive environment has definitely spurred me to do my proposal in my office. No more crazy hours of doing last minute work at home. I think this is what efficient means (kunun) hehehe.

With this new-found efficiency, I have more quality time with my family, more time for Desperate Housewives and blogging. These are elements of happiness and being pregnant, I need them to feel sane and calm so I can be a better mommy (okay, forget the Desperate Housewives bit).

So before this baby pops out and cause havoc to our tranquil family of three, I will now relish these few months of calmness with a cheery smile on my face. I owe this new perspective to Apple :-)

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Lois said...

Wah syiok la u get new pc. So jealous oh hehe. I want one too