February 6, 2009

Yes, everything is pink and peachy :-)

Good news everyone, Alden's having a baby SISTER! Though not a 100% guarantee, the doctor was quite certain it’s not a boy (duh...). I was quite puzzled as to why she wouldn’t even give me a 70% conviction, but what she said was enough to light all the fireworks in my head. I am still ecstatic at the moment and the finding has such a huge impact on me.

Now, I finally have a reason to buy that pink-snaps all-in-two cloth diaper after months of hopeless longing. And those cute bunny mittens from Pumpkin Patch? That too is in my list of MUST-HAVES. That’s not all, remember those horrible withdrawal symptoms I talked about? Well, they have miraculously disappeared the moment I laid eyes on this adorable Snuggle Bugs cot quilt cover at Countdown. Amazing cure huh? That’s just my first purchase for the baby and the pleasure of finally buying something in pink is simply pure bliss.
I've been walking on air since 4.00 pm yesterday, daydreaming about the future. I picture myself and my baby girl wearing synchronized dresses to the mall, having a good time trying on countless of outfits and shoes (sis LW and CL are probably in some coffee shop fuming mad for having to wait..haha). Yes, life is great and I thank God for his blessings. I could not ask for more :-)


debrajill said...

Kak! congratulations! yeah..i knew it was girl~ teheee..was going to surprise you only..hehe~ woww~ yeah its pretty blast to have a baby girl~ banyak baju can cari!! hehe..Cant wait to see how she going to look like~ must be pretty Like her mother! and cute like Den2 and her daddy..TaKe care Kak and Miss YOU all~

Lois said...

Yeah! Another princess la ni. I'm sure she's going to be gorgeous just like mummy. Syiok la u shop for cute tiny dresses.

Lizeewong said...

Hehe...Ya ba. Looking forward to shop for her stuff. Wish she'd look like Kononong :-)

Carpe Diem_78 said...

Congratulation dear!!!! This is fantastic...oh my a baby girl....have you got a name for her ready....I'm so so happy for you!!!