February 3, 2009

I want a Barbie doll!

I have an ultrasound scheduled at 3.30 pm this afternoon and we will finally discover the sex of the baby. You can't imagine how excited I am right now!!!! This is going to be such a revelation because I've been dying to shop for baby clothes especially cute little pink rompers with matching bunny mittens and those adorable all-in-two cloth diapers that come in pink, pastel green and sweet lilac (check out this cool website at www.mumandbubs.co.nz)
Ohhhh..the agony of not being able to shop is excruciatingly painful.

Since we don't know what's in the oven, all logic tells me it's not wise to shop. So what happens is, I've become this withdrawn shopper who has no interest in baby clothes whatsoever and refuse to even glimpse at Baby City or Pumpkin Patch outlets. My friend CL tells me I have the "withdrawal symptom", the same kind of symptom experienced by heavy smokers who are trying too quit smoking (ahem, for the record, I'm not a shopaholic). I have succumbed to those withdrawal symptoms for two months now and it's finally going to end today. I will once again be whole :-) Major baby post coming out tomorrow!

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Caroline said...

yes you are too a shophaholic.. ur just in denial... hahahahahhahah