February 3, 2009

Just suck it

The past couple of days have been chaotic and it was my entire fault. Nothing tragic really, but it was enough to make me yell at myself and scold myself silly for being so incompetent. You see, I was doing last minute work and the mission was to condense various ideas from countless of boring journals I’ve read. I was a total wreck and had no proper sleep for two days. Then Monday came and I found myself in my Yoda’s office, selling my last-minute piece of work. Yoda scrutinized it, knitted his brows and finally said “Good, but try to be more focused when.....bla bla bla”. The rest of the sentence didn't matter. The main thing was I got away. Phew! Safe for another week. Next week, who knows? This love affair is going to go on till end of March and for the time being, I just tell myself to suck it. No other options really.


Lois said...
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Lois said...

Be strong sis. I know u can do it.