February 19, 2009

Lake Coleridge

After submitting the first draft of my proposal to Yoda last Friday, everything seemed to move in slow motion. I was able to breathe and not think about writing for two days. To celebrate my temporary freedom, we went for a picnic trip with my friend Es and her husband Andrew during the weekend.

To get to our picnic site known as Lake Coleridge, we passed through Hororata and drove approximately 100 km on the West Coast road through farmlands where we encountered many curves and small hills. I probably saw thousands of sheep grazing in fenced pastures. and herds of cows grazing on green fields along the road. The lovely scenery made driving such a pleasure that we didn’t realize we had been on the road for two hours.

After a long smooth drive, we turned off the main road onto a hilly and narrower gravel road. Another fifteen km on the gravel road finally brought us to Lake Coleridge Basin. Hubby and I just stared in awe at the magnificent landscape, gaping at the beautiful lake surrounded by soaring mountains and hills. The glazier blue water was so clear; you could see reflections of the hills and mountains surrounding the lake. Even Alden appreciated the view, smiling and saying "nice, nice" while nodding his little head :-)

Apart from being breathtakingly beautiful, the lake is also a perfect spot for salmon fishing, picnicking, rafting and jet boating. In the winter, you can even go snow boarding or skiing at Mt Hutt ski field, one of the three ski fields easily accessible to the area. There were so many exciting stuff to do at the lake and jet boating was so tempting, but with two pregnant ladies on board, we had to resort to picnicking. One fine day, when my Kangaroo-belly days are over, I will definitely try skiing! ;-)

* It wasn't easy getting a nice shot from where we parked, so I've included some pics from the net as well as the ones taken myself. 


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