December 31, 2010

Top 10 List - 2010

Last year I made a list to sum up the great and crappy moments I had in 2009. I had a lot of fun doing that and I thought I'd do the same this year.

Now here’s a list of random things in my life that stood out in 2010.

Most annoying/ embarassing/depressing/terrifying/ akward moments of 2010

1. When Alden had a fever fit.
I hate febrile seizures

2. When Alden farted in front of Yoda, my supervisor.
Losing Momentum

3. When my respondents refused to co-operate during data collection work.
Non Compliance Part 1
Non Compliance Part 2

4. When Alden got the pox.
Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

5. When I found out that Kusai watched porn
Jack and Jill

6. When I found out that we needed to go to Wellington to do Vava's passport.
What's in a Cert?

8. When Alva stuffed a styrofoam in her ear.
Alva and the Styrofoam

9. When we were hit by 4.9 magnitude earthquake.
Shaky Sunday

10. When a hairdresser at City mall messed up my hair colour. Had to recolour twice!!

Most pleasant/ fulfilling/ exciting/memorable moments of 2010

1. Seeing my family for the first time this year and spending time in KK. 
Updates and Let the Blogging Begin

2. Seeing Alden pee in the toilet for the first time.
So Far So Great

3. When I met aneroxic girl and J-Lo's butt for the first time.
The Hot and the Not in Gym Class 

4. When hubby and I went to Mount Cook and Twizel to celebrate our fifth anniversary.
New Year In Twizel

5. When Vava got the pox.
Good Timing

6. When I got Alva's passport from the courier guy.
Please Don't Burst My Bubbles

7.When we got lost on our way to Lake Coleridge and ended up playing in the snow.
Weekend On Ice

8. When I got myself a new car for my birthday.
A New Ride

9. When Alva and Alden celebrated their birthdays.
The Boy Who Rocks My World
The Girl Who Rocks My World

Okay. I didn't write about this one but I just can't help bragging telling you about it. This incident really made my day :)

10. When a young WOMAN made a pass on me at a parking lot two months ago. She started a lame conversation and told me I looked 'hot'. Betul ba. Another perempuan thought I'm panas. Hehehe. I told hubby about it the moment I got home but he wasn't amused. Me? I was flattered to pieces.

And there you have it. A summary of the good and bad in 2010 :)

Have a wonderful 2011 full of happiness, excitement and dreams come true! xoxo


Tina said...

I must read more of your old posts, Lizee. Thank you for the 'entertainment'!
Being considered 'hot' by whatever gender is good! Haha.. just keep your distance and don't give wrong signals!
Wishing you more exciting/good things for 2011.

AnnieMing said...

Happy New Year, moi! ^_^

Amanda Christine Wong said...

LOVE your stories! hey, u are one hot mama whaat...;). happy new year!

Mimi said...

Nothing can boost self confidence more than having another woman admiring how we look! Cheers to that and happy new year moi!

JIPP said...

haha. NO 10, is of course, the hottest. Bah, it was a compliment so enjoy it. :-P

Lizeewong said...

Thanks Tina. Glad you like them. Happy New year to you too :)

Happy New Year Annie :)

Manda- Thanks for the compliment babe :)

Mimi- Ya bah! An ego-boosting moment for me hehe...:) Cheers moi.

Jipp- Thanks mate. Am still enjoying it :)

Anonymous said...

i can't even remember wat happened to me in 2010 except sia pny long and how did Vava sumbat styrofoam dlm telinga dia...sooo cute!! bt dangerous!! a kind reminder to me nt to buy la tu christmas ornament begitu nxt are very inquisitive, suma pun mau tau...
p/s: sia pun suka klu kena puji2 ni...boost our confidence ba kan...biarlah jujur pny compliment or the opposite

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

Of course, you one hot momma! :) hubby should be proud, no? hehehehe don't mention this to him :P

Lizeewong said...

Erin - Dia kurik kurik ba sampai terkeluar semua tu styrofoam balls. Bikin panic juga.
p/s: sia pun suka kana puji, bli terbang terus kan? hehehe

Ennie- Thanks moi!!! Hehehe..Yeah, i wont tell him!